Sexercise vs. The Gym

January 19, 2015

With 2015 in full swing, many people are hitting the gym to try and clear the weight they picked up over the festive season. By the end of month, some may have given up on their New Year’s resolution of being more active… but is there a better way?

Research has suggested that sex can be as good as a moderate exercise routine, making a romp in the sheets a good solution to those wanting a fun way to keep fit.

Can a brand new sex routine beat going to the gym? We take a look at the research and the decide if you are best going to the gym or getting under the sheets.

Music can help

The survey showed that UK couples have sex around 1.88 times each week. Given that it is classed as a moderate exercise, this wouldn’t be enough to keep you in shape or even begin to shift some of the weight you’ve picked up!

However, 80% of people said that they would be happy to change their routine if they were able to keep fit more easily and to lose weight or tone up. Shouldn’t we be having more sex because we enjoy it?

Bizarrely enough, the store Superdrug has created a music playlist that is supposed to help you get it on. They say that you need to take Barry White off the mp3 player and use their playlist instead.

The playlist is supposed to go through different beats per minute to bring you all the way from warm-up to high intensity exercise and cool-down… but is it really better than going to the gym?

The gym is better than sex

There are certain advantages to going to the gym. At the gym there is a range of workout equipment you can use to get in shape, and getting a membership means you are more likely to go instead of simply throwing away money each month.

With personal training sessions and classes available, you can also get the help you need to stay in shape. However, doing the wrong exercise or doing it incorrectly can lead to injury or targeting the wrong areas of the body to shift that weight, which is why gyms tend to push you into personal training sessions that you might not need.

If you are trying to lose weight, the gym can be a scary place. You feel as though everyone is judging you, even though they are probably too busy doing their own thing. With so many of your friends of Facebook and Twitter posting their gym statuses, you might not feel you belong there at all.
Fit woman posing

Sex is better than the gym

No matter which way you look at it, if you had the choice between staying in bed and having sex for an hour or going out into the cold to the gym, most of us would choose the bed. After all, you can have a lot of fun in bed that you might not be able to at the gym!

That said, sex may not be the rigorous exercise that people go to the gym for. Instead it is seen as something extra fun to do when the mood strikes, and making it part of an exercise routine can take away all the enjoyment from it.

As great as it can be and as much fun as sex is, if you want to lose weight you are best heading to the gym. That said, there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a roll in the sheets as part of a healthy lifestyle. After all, it can really help you to relax and work away the stresses of the day.

What do you think? Is sex a vital part of your keep fit routine, or is it just a bit of fun?


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