Does Being Sexy Make You Selfish?

February 19, 2015

I think we’ve all been in this situation. You’re in bed with someone, having some fantastic sex, only to be left feeling unsatisfied once the other person has gotten what they want. Gee, thanks.

However, a recent study has suggested that there might be a reason for it. The reason? Whether you are sexy or not.

Too sexy and selfish?

When I first starting reading on this topic I thought “no way is this true”… then I looked back at my experiences in the bedroom.

With the hot and sexy men I have encountered, a lot of them were a little selfish in the bedroom, pretty much just using me for their own pleasure rather than sharing the experience. So I read on to see what the reason behind it might be.

In order to figure out exactly what “sexy” was, the people at Evolution Psychology used 3D scanners to see how attractive participants bodies were. This was done by looking at the waist-to-chest ratio on men and the waist-to-hip ratio on women.

Participants would then complete a personality test and their behaviour during sex would be analysed to see if sexy people really are more selfish in the bedroom.

The results!

The results were actually quite surprising. The good news? Women don’t seem to be any more or less selfish in bed, whether their bodies are thought of as sexy or not.

The bad news? The men with sexy bodies did show a difference, and were far more focused on their own pleasure and not their partners.

Dr Michael Price, the leader of the study, explained this by saying that “the results suggest that better-looking men may be biased towards being more selfish and less egalitarian.”

Of course, not all of the men in this study showed this to be the case, and I’m sure there are some of you out there going “hey, I’m sexy and I still know how to show my partner a good time!” and for that we salute you.
Erotic situation in bedroom

Sexy or great in bed?

Now this study has got me thinking… if I were to have to choose between a sexy hunk of a man in the bedroom and someone who was unbelievable in bed, which would I choose? Honestly, it would have to be the one who could really make me scream in bed.

However, just because someone isn’t considered sexy doesn’t mean they will be a god in bed. Unfortunately, the only way to find out how selfish or selfless someone is in bed is to get them there.

I’m now putting the question to you. If you had to choose between someone who was really sexy but selfish in bed and someone who was more unattractive but amazing in the sheets, which would you choose?

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