Sexy Sweden Or Sexless Sweden?

August 11, 2016

Sexy Sweden: a blonde woman in lingerie flirts with the camera

Sweden seems like such a sexy place for you to spend your time, but it seems that not everyone feels that way. In fact, some people seem to believe that we are no longer living in sexy Sweden. They think that the country might actually be sexless, as people aren’t getting it on as much as they used to. Yes, Swedes aren’t having as much sex anymore!

It might not be something that you want to think about, but the government isn’t about to leave it at that. Oh no. They want to know if the claims are true. They need to find out if your horny Swedes are fucking as much as you used to, or if sexy Sweden has actually become sexless Sweden.

Sexy Sweden

Sex is an unusual topic in Sweden. Many people consider the country to be “sexually liberated”, in that they are free to have as much sex as they want and people are a lot less likely to judge them for having sex than they might do elsewhere.

There are plenty of countries where you might be judged for casually having sex, but many feel that sexy Sweden is not one of them. However, Sweden also has some laws on sex work that suggest that Swedes aren’t as free about sex as they believe.

The Swedish model means that those who wish to buy sex can’t, as it is illegal. So having sex with strangers isn’t seen as bad, but paying for sex? That is a totally different matter. We now know that people are reporting that they are having less sex in Sweden than they might have in the past… but what does this mean?

The government and sex

The rumours that people might be having less sex now than they were is a big concern for the government. They feel that, if that is the case, then they need to know why.

Gabriel Wikström, the public health minister for Sweden, believes that “it’s important to investigate whether that is the case and, if so, what the reason is”. Why? He explains further, suggesting that, if it is because of health issues and factors such as stress, then “that is also a political problem”.

That is why the government is keen to conduct a study to examine the sex lives of Swedish citizens, and discover if the country is still sexy Sweden. They hope that, by conducting an in-depth study, they can see what might be causing the problem. This, in theory, will tell them what they need to work on. If it is a case of more STIs and STDs around than previously, then they could increase sexual education to counter-act it.

Previous studies

This is not the first time that the Swedish government has decided to look into the sex lives of their citizens. The last time was 20 years ago, in 1996, that the National Institute of Public Health wanted to learn about the sexual habits of people in Sweden. The report on their findings was published in 2000, and revealed some interesting information.

They found that, when compared to a previous study, the total number of sexual partners the participants were likely to have had increased by three. People were having sex with more people than they were previously, which at the time, caused some concern about how much safe sex people were having. They then investigated how many had ever had an STI, discovering that it was around one in nine people.

Those interviewed were almost all sexually active, with many reporting that they had enjoyed sex in the last month, and almost all stating that they had had it in the last year. This, again, made the government wonder just how people were protecting themselves. They looked at the different contraceptive methods, discovering that 20% used the pull, while 15% preferred condoms. Shocking, 13% of those surveyed simply used the withdrawal method instead!

The latest study

At the time, the study was hugely informative. It answered a lot of the questions that the government had on sexy Sweden, and gave them the chance to address some of the key issues that people were facing when it came to sex. However, a lot can change in twenty years, which means that the study is now outdated, and the rumours that Swedes are having less sex means it is time for another.

They believe that the latest study will be completed in 2019, and aims to discover if what the Swedish media says about Swedes and sex is true. It seems that this may be the case, as a 2013 survey by the Aftonbladet tabloid discovered that people weren’t having as much sex in the country as they might have believed.

However, many believe that this survey wasn’t conducted in a scientific enough way to be used for government policies, which is why the government plans to make their own. The government survey is set to be more in-depth than before, asking questions that people may not have thought of and digging deep to get the answers. Hopefully, they will get the answers that they have been eager to find.

Sexy Sweden or sexless Sweden?

Here on XEscorts, we are already a little curious. We are wondering just what the government will discover, and how this might change things in the country.

We want to hear from you. What do you expect the government to find? Are Swedes really having less sex? Do you think that you aren’t getting as much sex now as you might have done in the past?

You can let us know what you think about this by leaving a comment in the box below. Join in the discussion, tell us what you think, and see whether others agree with you. Is sexy Sweden turning sexless?

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