Snapchat Naked Pictures Leak – How Do We Stop Girls Getting Hurt?

October 16, 2014

I have to admit, I’m not massively up on all the phone apps that kids are using these days. This is why I was a little confused when I was watching This Morning yesterday and they were talking about something called the ‘snappening’. This was apparently where a load of peoples ‘snapchat’ images were hacked and put on social media, many of which were naked.

Now I will explain what snapchat is (I had to look it up myself) It is a photo messaging app where people send a picture and set a time limit as to how long the recipient will be able to see it for. At that point they are supposed to disappear into thin air. Sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Now how the grab happened has been done to death, and unless you are a computer geek, it probably isn’t very interesting. What is interesting however is the way teenagers and young people are now taking naked images like it is perfectly normal.

Personal Experience

Let me take you back a few years, seven to be precise. I had been speaking to this girl for a number of weeks as a friend. One morning I woke up and she had sent me a picture of herself naked. This was all totally out of the blue; it was like an opening gambit. I was totally shocked.

Now I asked one of my friends who was a teacher about it, obviously not mentioning any names. He then told me that this was perfectly normal behavior for the younger generation. They are all obsessed with computers and mobile phones, so instead of asking someone to go to the cinema or the arcade, they send naked pictures of themselves as a way of showing they like you. This may sound insane to anyone over the age of 30, but is reasonable for most under 21.

The same is happening in relationships. People over a certain age will usually find taking dirty pics of themselves rather naughty and quite strange. However, the younger you go, the more normal it becomes. Look at young girls pics on Facebook. Almost everyone of them seems to be done with a pout or a sexually provocative pose.

young woman leans forward in intense thought

Now I never did anything with this girl as she had a fella and a kid. I don’t mind seeing escorts as they may well be in relationships, but they have taken a decision to engage in this profession. That, to me is different from being the kind of lad who helps breaks up relationships.

What it did go to show was that the idea of posting naked images has become oh so normal. Let’s have a look at Jennifer Lawrence, who had her pictures hacked in the ‘Fappening’. I won’t post those pictures as firstly it is out of order, and secondly she would sue us (rightfully) But let’s face it, she seems to be spending so much time taking pics of her boobs and vagina, I’m surprised she has time time to be an actress.

Young girls are sending intimate pictures of themselves, thinking that they are only ever going to be seen by their partner. What they fail to realise is that these pictures may be seen by others. This may be down to the fact that the internet isn’t half as secure as they think it is. On the other hand, their fella may be showing them his mates after he has had a drink. Neither are pleasant in the slightest.

How Do We Stop This Happening?

Now as a father myself (one girl aged 13 and one on the way) I feel that I have to understand what this is all about because if I don’t, it may come back to bite me and my loved one at some point. The question is, how do I stop my children becoming victims?

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Now obviously the app providers need better security, but I believe this is about education. Our children need to learn that nothing is safe, and no-one is completely trustworthy. Therefore, the only way to stop these pictures possibly becoming public wank material is not to take them in the first place.

For me, the only time you should be seen naked is when you are with someone you feel comfortable with, and not leaving an evidence trail in the process.

Now before anyone accuses me of victim blaming, don’t bother. No-one should be divulging these pictures, and anyone who does should be prosecuted to the lengths of the law. However, if you don’t want to get hit by a bus, be aware of the risks and take appropriate action.

I hope anyone who has been affected by this gets over it as fast as possible. As for those who leaked the pics, I hope you have a less than pleasant time in prison.


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