Sounding: The Essentials You Need To Know

January 2, 2019

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Experimentation is what makes sex fun. We get to try new things and discover more about ourselves on the way. It is a huge turn on, especially when you get to share these experiences with a partner. However, some acts are ones that people might not give a lot of thought to unless they are going to try it. Sounding is one of them.

Urethral sounding is something that scares a lot of people. The idea of sliding something into the penis for the purposes of pleasure makes others feel uncomfortable. But those who do it brag about how pleasurable it is. So what’s the big deal?

Why people sound

There are so many different reasons why people might opt to try this kinky sex act. One of the biggest is that it is stimulation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. The penis is a sensitive thing, as you will likely know. The right kind of attention can feel incredible.

What if that attention came from the inside of the penis? Sounds are designed to probe and dilate passages, including your urethra. With the right preparation, you can stimulate yourself with one inside of the penis.

There are tons of sensitive nerve endings inside of the urethra, which is why so many people want to try it. It also looks incredibly erotic to see something sliding in and out of the tip of your cock. Others like the challenge of stretching themselves more, though this is something done over time.

Preparing the sounds

Obviously, it isn’t a good idea to stick just anything in the end of your penis. It isn’t going to end well if you do, as it can cause plenty of problems. You might lose the object or get it stuck. If it wasn’t cleaned properly, it could also cause infections. Yikes!

Before you do anything else, you need to sterilise your urethral sound. Place it into boiling water and leave it there for between three and five minutes. This will help to sterilise it and ensure that it is safe to use. Many experts also say that you should wipe the sound down with alcohol swabs as additional protection.

Be aware of the fact that it isn’t just your penis touching the sound. Your hands will be too. This means that you need to wash your hands as well. Anti-bacterial soap and water can go a long way. Give your penis a thorough clean while you are at it. Unsure that’s enough? You can always wear surgical gloves.

Some of the urethral sounds you can use
Original source: DotMed

Speed and lubrication

You should be cautious when trying sounding for the first time. You might be tempted to just shove the sound in, but this can do more harm than good. Be prepared with plenty of lube and relax. It’ll help things go more smoothly!

When your penis is soft, place some lube right at the tip, where the sound will go. Be generous with lube, and make sure to add more if you need to. Then gently hold your penis and slip the sound in. Don’t force it, as the weight will often allow it to drop slowly further down into the penis.

When it is a few inches inside of your cock, you can then experiment. Some prefer to simply jerk off with the sound in, while others like to slide it up and down to stimulate the inside. Enjoy it! When you are ready to come, take the sound out. It’ll make things a lot easier for you.

Have you tried sounding?

I’ll admit that I was wary the first time I heard about sounding. I saw it as more of a painful thing, not realising that the act could bring a great deal of pleasure. I know better now and have taken the time to educate myself on the subject.

It can feel amazing when done right, but have you ever tried it? Share your sounding experiences with me by leaving a comment in the box below. Join in the discussion and see what others have to say!

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