Should We Start Signing Sex Contracts?

March 29, 2016

A couple signing sex contracts

We enter into contracts all of the time. If you get a new mobile phone, you might sign one to say that you will pay your bill on time and that you agree to all of the things you get your with deal. Those wanting to buy expensive equipment over a period of time might sign one as well. If you use some TV subscription services, you might enter into a contract with them… but have you ever thought about writing up and signing some sex contracts?

Well, it seems that the idea of signing sex contracts is one that seems to be taking the world by storm at the moment. People can’t stop talking about them, with some left horrified that you would actually sign a contract saying that you will have sex with someone a set number of times a week or face your kinky punishment.

What exactly are sex contracts about? Are they as horrifying as they seem at first glance, or is it just another way to make your fun more exciting?

What exactly are sex contracts?

It might seem like a strange idea, but plenty of people are deciding to sign sex contracts to ensure that what happens during sex for them is very clear… but what exactly are sex contracts?

Sex contracts are like any other contracts, but instead of focusing on a product or a service, you tend to focus on the physical act of sex. The contracts act as a guarantee that your partner knows, understands, and accepts where your limits are in the bedroom, which is especially helpful in relationships that have been going for a while.

It gives you and your partner the chance to write down your limits, both hard and soft, as well as agreed methods of birth control. It means that everything is covered in writing before you get down to business, which means that each time you fuck, you can concentrate on how good it feels instead.


There are loads of misconceptions when it comes to sex contracts. People think that it means that you have to have sex a set number of times a week in order to fulfil your end of the contract, and while some people choose to do this, most don’t.

They like the spontaneity of it, but they might use the sex contract as a way of setting a schedule. Sex schedules are becoming more and more popular, especially for those who don’t feel they can make the time for spontaneous sex as it is.

If you spend time with escorts, you’ll know that a schedule can really leave you feeling hot and horny. The fact that you have to wait until a certain time to see your favourite person and have fun with them will leave you raring to go, and often we find that we skip foreplay because the entire day of waiting has been enough for us.

However, some people judge sex contracts without reading up about them. There are some out there who think that signing a sex contract means you are giving your partner permission for sex whenever they want it, even if you don’t. That isn’t the case. “No” still means no when it comes to sex contracts. All the contract will do is make it clear to your partner what your interests are in the bedroom.

What to include in a sex contract?

Want to make your own sex contract, but not sure what to include? You’ll find that sitting down and talking with your partner is a great way to figure it out. If you like domination, your mistress will be more than happy to take you through the details.

First, you should think about your limits. What sex acts do you like the most? Are there some sex acts that you might want to try, under the right circumstances? Which sex acts do you absolutely refuse to do? Write them down, explaining which are your soft limits and which are hard limits, and you can then discuss why with your partner.

Others choose to write more details in than this, especially if they are into kinkier things in the bedroom. Your dominatrix might decide that they will only deal with you when you are dressed in a gimp mask, and so this can be added to the contract. They might even put the safe word in there so that they always remember it.

The pros and cons of sex contracts

One of the biggest positives of having a sex contract is that everything is immediately clear to you and your partner. At a glance you can see what your limits are, and you can even be reminded of the safe word, if you aren’t sure.

However, some feel that writing things down removes the fun from sex. They think it ruins the spontaneity of it, meaning that it is all very clinic.

The beauty of a contract is that, over time, you can make changes to it. Found a new fetish you like? Add it in. Maybe even add a clause saying that you are willing to try new things, as long as your partner discusses them with you first.

Would you sign a contract?

Do you think you would sign a sex contract? For the regular, vanilla sex, I don’t know if there is much of a point. However, if you enjoy things a little hotter and kinkier, having your limits written down on paper can be really helpful.

It can be especially helpful if you see a professional dominatrix. They can read the contract before you arrive, knowing your safe word and limits instantly and ensuring they don’t cross your hard limit line be accident.

So, would you sign a sex contract? Would you be willing to put pen to paper and agree to the things written down? Let us know either by leaving a comment in the box below.

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