Swedish Councillor Suggests Sex Breaks At Work!

February 23, 2017

Swedish Councillor Suggests Sex Breaks At Work

It seems as though it was only yesterday that the internet was a-buzz with talk of masturbation breaks at work. Whenever you were feeling stressed because of your work load you would be able to slip away and jerk off to help overcome the stress. Apparently talking a jerking break at work would make you a more productive member of staff. Thanks to a Swedish councillor, a masturbation break just doesn’t cut it any more. Now we want sex breaks.

A Swedish councillor came forward to say that he believed sex breaks were the way forward. Being given the chance to jerk off in the toilets on your lunch is, in his mind, not enough. We need time to go home and make mad passionate love to our partner.

Why? How would sex breaks help us to get more work done? Will we not want to just stay at home for the rest of the day? Does this make Sweden the place that everyone will want to live?

Masturbation breaks

Taking a break from work to jerk off is said to have a number of different benefits. For a start, it is a fantastic way to release stress and anxiety. It is hard to feel tense and worried about your workload when you have your cock in your hand and pumping while you watch porn.

It is also believed that employees will be in a much happier state of mind when they do return to work. They’ll feel good because who doesn’t feel good after a cheeky wank? They’ll be keen to get back to their desks and continue their day after taking a little time out for themselves.

Of course people were wondering how these breaks might work. They were wondering if there would be a room set up for people to do this, as asking them to use the toilets just seems a little dirty. If there is a set room, what will happen if one member of staff fails to clean up after themselves? Will material be provided by work to entertain people as they jerk off, such as magazines and porn sites readily available? If not, will employees instead be encouraged to try out some masturbation challenges to up their game?

To a lot of people it seemed like a joke, but the internet loved the idea. They went mad for it, saying that they would love to be given the chance to trial this at their place of work. Many even stated that they jerk off in the toilets anyway, so being given a set time to do it would be even better.

A step further

Well, it seems that the idea of having breaks at work specifically for the purposes of sexual pleasure was appealing to one Swedish councillor: Per-Erik Muskos. The 42 year old is a councillor in Övertorneå, and suggested to AFP that Swedes should be given an hour long sex break in order to go home and fuck their partner before returning to work.

He believes that couples aren’t spending as much time together as they should and that this would be a huge help to those who struggle to make time for each other. After all, you can leave work to go home and fuck before returning to your desk.

It would be an hour long paid break from work. Yes, paid. You’d get paid to fuck. He feels that it would increase productivity at work and well as help to improve family relationships. In his mind it is the ideal solution and so it should pass… right?

The downside

He has suggested that there might be some issues with this. For a start, how do you make sure your workers are doing what they are supposed to do during this break? When asked about this, Muskos stated that “you can’t guarantee that a worker doesn’t go out for a walk instead”. So while your colleagues are off having sex, you could instead go for a walk or go shopping.

There are a few other issues that we can think of. These sex breaks seem as though they might be in addition to your other breaks at work. This makes us wonder whether you would have to work longer hours in order to make up for the time that you have spent fucking or if you would just not get as much work done in the day because of sex.

For those who live further away from the office, it might not be possible to return to your desk in time to fuck. Does that mean you’ll have to arrange to meet your partner halfway for a shag?

And what about those people who aren’t in relationships? Will they still be entitled to sex breaks from work? Do you have to be married to get the breaks or will dating be enough? We have so many questions and we’d love to know more about these plans.

Would you use sex breaks?

Taking masturbation breaks from work seems a little odd… but the idea of being paid to go and fuck seems even more bizarre to us. Would anyone be happy to do that?

For me, I’d rather save all the fun for when I finish work. Stopping halfway through the day to go off and fuck sounds fantastic until you realise you’d need to get dressed again and leave the bed and your partner to continue working. Definitely a bit of a mood killer!

What about you? Would you take a sex break if one was offered to you? You can tell us what you think by voting in the poll below. Not content with voting? Let us know more about why you chose your answer by leaving a comment in the box.

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