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A man approaches a sexy woman he has been buying sex from
April 7, 2016

Those in power in France have decided that it is time to make paying for sex against the law. The theory is that they are making it totally legal for you to sell sex, but those clients buying sex are now doing something illegal, facing hefty fines and criminal charges. All in the name of eradicating prostitution.

Prostitute next to car
May 14, 2015

Currently, all eyes are on the sex industry as the days count down until the law making it illegal to pay for sex in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland isn’t the first place to criminalise the client, as both Sweden and Norway have taken this action.

Sexy blonde woman in lingerie seducing man on bed
May 8, 2015

The way people talk about the subject, you would think those who pay for sex are the most despicable and evil people in the world. But is that really the case?