The Best Oral Sex Tips From A Woman

September 11, 2015

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When you are searching for the best oral sex tips that you can use to make your woman scream in delight and call your name out for everyone to hear, you will find a lot of articles from men. These men thing they know everything about sex and can tell you just how to make your woman moan and groan underneath you, but often their tips miss the mark. Sorry guys, but no-one knows how to please a woman quite like a woman does.

The problem is that, when you are giving a woman oral sex, you might not be sure if what you are doing is working for them. A lot of women are afraid to tell you what does and doesn’t work, in case they offend or upset you, and a lot of men don’t want to ask because they feel that they should instantly know exactly what the woman wants.

Well, if you want to know the right way to eat a woman out, keep reading, as we put together the best oral sex tips.

Eating her out

I really shouldn’t have to be saying this, but there is a huge difference between eating and eating her out. For some reason we call oral sex on a woman “eating her out”, and that leads a lot of people to think that they need to involve their teeth. It’s worrying how many do, but your teeth are not invited to this party. Your mouth, your tongue, your fingers, and even your nose if you can use it in the right way are welcome, but keep your teeth out of it.

You might be thinking that it’s called eating out for a reason, and so lightly grazing her pussy and clit with your teeth is a good thing, but I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. We call oral sex on a man a blowjob, but how many women actually put their lips together and blow when your cock is in their mouth? Not many, and those who have experienced it will know that it is unpleasant.

It is exactly the same for women. While that might be the name it is given, please do not start using your teeth unless she expressly asks for it, and even then do it with caution. You want to make her screams ones of pleasure, not of agony.

Touch the clit with caution

Porn movies are misleading, mainly because when there is an oral sex scene, the woman will squeal and squirm as soon as anything, whether a tongue, finger, or even a cock, hits her clit. She’ll orgasm and the guy will feel happy that he’s done his part, and so they can instead focus on his pleasure instead of how much the woman enjoys what is going on in bed.

That isn’t how it work. The clit is not a button that you press for an instant orgasm (although we wish it was!), and there are so many out there who think that is how it works. Yes, it is incredibly sensitive, but you need to do more than press on it to elicit a real and authentic orgasm.

What you should do is rub it from side to side, gently, to gauge how your partner reacts to it. If she starts to moan and move against you, it is a sign she likes it. You can even do the same with your tongue, but if she seems to be pushing you away it could also be a sign that it is too much for her. Change to lighter presses and listen to her. If she is moaning, keep going. If she seems really disinterested, you should stop and try something else instead.

Where are you putting your tongue?

Confession time: I’m a fan of erotic novels and sex stories, and there are plenty of places that you can read them. Book stores are full of them now, thanks to the Fifty Shades series showing the world that we actually love to read about the sex lives of fictional characters, and there are hundreds of websites online boasting free sex stories for you to masturbate over. We even have some here on XEscorts!

Yet with all of the reading I have done, I have discovered one key problem that almost all people have when writing erotic stories, and that is just what to do with the tongue when it comes to oral sex. Some get it right, describing in detail how one will use their tongue to gently lick around the clit before placing it on the clit, flat, and slowly moving it, but others will talk about how they stick their tongue into the tight pussy and immediately the other person orgasms.

Your tongue is going to do absolutely nothing in her pussy, because it won’t get far enough to! Her g-spot sits a few inches inside her sweet pussy, and while you might want to taste her, sticking your tongue in is going to just feel uncomfortable to her and you won’t hit that sweet spot. Leave your tongue outside her pussy if you really want her to scream in orgasm.

Fingers aren’t necessary

Okay, so it is called oral sex, meaning that your mouth and tongue are lapping away at her pussy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t involve your fingers. There are plenty of people who are afraid of using their fingers, and then when they make the attempt to they do far too much and far too quick, and they might have been best ignoring them altogether.

If you want to try using your fingers during oral sex, keep your lips and tongue on her clit while you slowly slide your fingers up her legs. She’ll get excited by the sensation and, when you slowly slide a finger or two into her tight hole, she will love it. Don’t start thrusting your fingers in and out as though her pussy is a broken button, because it won’t work for her. Instead, curl your fingers around so you can gently rub at her g-spot, and keep your pace slow until she asks you to go faster. She will enjoy it much more that way, but if you prefer to use just your tongue and clit, go for it!

Do you consider yourself to be an oral sex expert, or have you fallen foul of some of the above mistakes?

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