The Hottest Rough Sex Tips And Tricks

March 24, 2016

Couple having rough sex on a bed at home

As with any other kind of sex, rough sex can be fantastic when it is done correctly. However, many think that those who enjoy it rough like their sex like Fifty Shades. That isn’t the case at all. If you like rough sex, it tends to be that you simply like your sex a little harder, faster, and rougher than most people do.

Vanilla sex doesn’t tick all of the boxes for you… but kinky sex doesn’t either. It isn’t that you have a fetish. It is just that you want there to be a lot of passion during sex, which makes things even hotter than before. Not sure how to have the hottest rough sex of your life? We have some great tips for you here on the XEscorts blog.

What makes rough sex different

People think of rough sex and they automatically think of whips, chains, and pain. It often gets confused with the world of bondage, domination, and submission.

Really, liking your sex on the rough side doesn’t mean that you are into kinky shit. Actually, all it means is that regular vanilla sex just doesn’t do it for you. A careful fucking isn’t what you want. What you really want is for someone to take you hard and fast.

This separates it from BDSM. In BDSM, you tend to use pain as a way of controlling the submissive one. Pain might be a small part of rougher sex, but it isn’t the be all and end all. It’s just a fun little addition between consenting adults.

Harder, faster, stronger

The main thing about rough sex is that your sex is harder, faster, and stronger than it might otherwise be. Instead of carefully plunging your cock into that tight pussy, you’ll slam inside and make them moan out loud for you.

There isn’t anything sweet about sex that is rough, so don’t seduce your partner. You are the one in control, so you get to demand it (consensually, of course). If they are into it, you can tell them to get on their knees and suck your dick hard and fast. It’ll feel fantastic and they’ll love the rush of you taking control.

You can grab hold of their hair, keeping them on your cock for longer, or you can playfully smack their ass as you fuck them doggy style. It’ll turn them on and leave you feeling like a god as you pound into them.

Be spontaneous

One of the best things for those who enjoy their sex rough is that it can be more spontaneous. Vanilla sex involves a lot of seducing. You don’t really get the chance to jump straight to it, as you have to build up through foreplay before you can have your fun.

With rough sex, the thought of having someone slamming into you is the biggest turn on of all. You can really let those and just be yourself, and because you get so turned on at the thought you don’t really need to bother with foreplay.

Instead, you can make sex happen at any time. Just arrived at their place to find them looking sexy as hell? The wall is a great place to fuck against, and it’ll turn her on if you can pick her up and hold her against the wall while you fuck.

Be aware of the “sex scars”

Rough sex often means that you get a little bit carried away with the fun. Instead of concentrating on how the other is feeling, we tend to think of ourselves and how fucking hot it is. This means that you are more likely to have a number of side effects or “sex scars” from your hot session of passionate fucking.

As long as you are aware of them, and what might happen during rough sex, you’re fine. You might find that your ass is a little red from the spanking they gave you, or that you have scratches on your back from when you were slamming your dick hard inside them and they dug their nails in to let you know how good it was.

If you’ve given oral sex, you might find that your throat and mouth is a little sore for the effort you’ve put in. These are all marks of a job well done, and every time you feel that slight ache you’ll smile, proud that you’ve given your partner something hot to think about.

Are you a fan of rougher sex?

Rough sex isn’t for everybody. In fact, a lot of people don’t like the idea of having it. They automatically think that it is BDSM, when really it is a very mild form of it. You don’t need to tie your partner up and you don’t need to whip them. Instead, you focus on the sex and getting what you want from it.

It is perfect for those who want to talk to their partner about what they like the most in the bedroom but just haven’t got the confidence. During rougher sex you can give orders, or tell your partner using dirty talk that you’d love to see them take your cock as far as they can. For a lot of people, rough sex ticks all of the boxes that vanilla sex just can’t.

Do you like your sex rougher, or are you a fan of keeping things more vanilla? We want to hear from you. Leave a comment in the box below.

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