The Hottest Sex Year? 2015 Was Not It

December 15, 2015

For many of us, having enough sex is a pretty big deal. It feels great to fuck, and when we’ve gone for several days or weeks without having the chance to jump into bed with someone, it can really change our attitude. We get a little snappier simply because we haven’t had the chance to let off some steam, and we are more easier irritated by the little things that shouldn’t matter. Now that we are getting closer to the end of the year, people are trying to decide if 2015 was the hottest sex year.

Well, it seems that the hottest sex year probably wasn’t 2015. Okay, so some of you out there might have enjoyed some amazing and mind blowing sex, but research has suggested that sex really wasn’t that high on the agenda for the year. Other things seem to have taken priority over our own sex lives, which is pretty disappointing to hear. So, just how much sex did we have in 2015, and what should we be doing to make 2016 the sex year?

How much sex have we had this year?

When you sit down and think about all of the different things you have done this year, you might find that sex hasn’t been as big of a part of your life as you were hoping it would be.

Most of us will have spent a lot of time working, with almost as much of our time dedicated to sleeping. A study by the WatchShop found that men were spending an average of 80 days in bed throughout 2015, while women were there for roughly 66 days.

This might sound great, but they weren’t in bed having sex for this time. Oh no, this is the amount of time that people have spent sleeping in 2015. It doesn’t seem to bode well for the amount of sex we’ve had, does it?

The WatchShop found that, on average, women were fucking for around 4 days of total time in a year, while men were clocking in just 3 days of sex. Think that this sounds impressive? You might want to think again…

What do the numbers actually mean?

You may think that men having sex for a total of 3 days in a year sounds like a really impressive amount. We’ll admit that it does seem like a lot of time, especially when it works out at 72 hours or 4,320 minutes. It seems like a lot of hot and passionate sex, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately not, especially when you think about the fact that there are 525,600 minutes in a year. 4,320 out of 525,600 just doesn’t seem to cut it for the amount of sex men have had in 2015, considering that it works out at roughly 0.82%.

So men have been having sex for less than 1% of their time in 2015, while women have managed to clock in around 5760 minutes on average, which comes to roughly 1.1%. That’s really not much of an improvement, especially when men have been sleeping for 22% of the time and women for just 18% of the year.

It may just seem like a load of random numbers, but it shows us that we aren’t dedicating enough time to being intimate in the bedroom. We aren’t making time for sex, and considering how amazing it makes us feel, we’re hoping that this will all change in the future.

Making 2016 the sex year

The reason that people seem to have had so little sex in 2015 is that they simply haven’t made the time for it. As adults we have so many things that we have to do, and we ultimately end up putting the fun things like sex on the back burner.

If we want to turn 2016 into the sex year, we need to start making time to fuck. For many the idea of planning when you’re having sex is a huge turn off, but we do it all of the time here on XEscorts!

Scheduling sex is the perfect way to ensure you get enough. It means you and your partner or chosen escort will both be free at the right time and so be dedicated to nothing other than passionate sex. Your attention is entirely on making them and yourself feel good.

When you’re planning sex, you’ll find yourself watching the clock. You will count every minute that passes to take you closer to fucking hour, and that can be some of the best foreplay around. You’ll be so excited that you’ll want to skip to the main event, which makes the teasing of foreplay even more intense.

Would the numbers for XEscorts be different?

Of course, if we were to look at the average time we have spend having sex here on XEscorts, we suspect the numbers would be very different. In fact, we get the feeling that the statistics from you horny lot might just be enough to show that 2015 has actually been the sex year.

We’re curious, so why not tell us how much time you think you’ve been having sex this year? Has it been a sex year for you, or do you think you could have had more?

Want to see how you’ve spent your year? Take a look at the WatchShop’s Time Of Your Life website and see if you can beat the average. Once you’ve done that, use the comment box below to tell us just how much sex you’ve been having this year.

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