The Simple Guide To Multiple Orgasms

July 8, 2015

If you go looking for articles or tips on how to give her multiple orgasms, you will be overwhelmed by articles promising the answers… but when you start reading them, you are made to feel as though you need a gynaecology degree just to give her one!

It might seem it sometimes, but getting a woman to orgasm is not rocket science, and giving her multiple orgasms is a lot simpler than some may think. Here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at the steps you need to follow to get her off again and again and again.

Let her tell you what she wants

We women know what we want in bed. We know what works for it, what makes us feel good, and what makes us feel like you’re trying to insert your entire arm into our pussy. One of the big steps that people miss out when trying to give their partner multiple orgasms is that they don’t listen, or simply don’t want to listen.

You might be lucky enough to have the type of relationship where, after sex, you can talk about what happened. You could say “I liked it when you flicked your tongue over my earlobe, but I didn’t like it when your tongue then went into my ear” and then get some feedback in return. If you have, great! You’re already partway to multiple orgasms! Simply get her to tell you what feels really good to her, and what you need to change while you’re fucking her.

However, most people aren’t in that type of relationship. For some reason, we are perfectly fine fucking each other, but talking about it afterwards and, God forbid, telling them what works and doesn’t work? The idea horrifies many people, which is why there are a lot of women out there not getting multiple orgasms.

It is easier said than done, but after sex, when you are both feeling relaxed and exhausted from the antics, ask her what she likes the most. Try to start an open and honest conversation about sex, and make note of what she says. She might say some things that make you feel bad about your performance, but you can use all of that feedback to make it better in the future.

Pay attention to her whole body

A woman is not just a walking talking vagina. Yes, her pussy is probably your favourite part of her body, but there is more to her than that. In fact, there is more to her than her cunt, ass, and tits, so don’t pay attention to just one of those areas, whether you are trying to just have sex or you are going for multiple orgasms.

Touch every inch of her body, and take your time doing it. Gently stroking everywhere will get her squirming underneath you, and when you get to her tits you can give those hard nipples a good pinch before moving on.

When you get to her pussy, start all over again, but use your mouth this time. Kiss and lick your way all over and she will be begging you to fuck her when you finally reach her wet cunt with your mouth. This will get her really turned on, which is a very important step on the way to multiple orgasms.

Speed is your friend, if used correctly

In porn, the guy might bend the woman over and stick his huge cock into her pussy, driving his dick in and out of her as she squeals her way through three fake orgasms, and while a lot of men say that they understand porn is fake and that it is all a lie, they will still try to speed through sex.

Going fast doesn’t always equal orgasm. What you should do instead is go slowly, building her up to the orgasm. As she gets closer she might start to move and moan more, rubbing against you. Try to resist and hold back as long as you can, as this will drive her wild.

When she starts to beg for you to fuck her hard and fast, do it. Give her what she wants by changing your speed and keep going as she starts to moan and groan. Rub her clit as you fuck her hard in the pussy and continue to thrust into her as she comes. For many women, multiple orgasms will happen in quick succession, so keep going to get her off again.

However, some women do find that they get too sensitive, and she might go to pull away. If that happens, let her. Give her the space she needs and then go back to it later. She’ll enjoy it a lot more that way.

If nothing else works, take a break

Sometimes you might find you’ve been fucking her with your fingers, tongue, and cock for what seems like forever, only to get no results. She’ll be moaning, but without her pussy clenching tight around you as she comes, which can be disheartening for not just you, but also your partner.

When it simply isn’t happening, it is usually because your partner is too tense. You need to get them to relax a little, and the best thing to do in this situation is to take a break. By “take a break”, we don’t mean go to another room to put the kettle on while you watch TV. What we mean is to stop doing what you are doing and instead try another tactic.

Get your partner to lie down on their front on the bed. Get some body oil or body lotion and start to slowly rub it into their body in a slow and sensual massage. Put on an album they love while you do it and ask them about their day. They will start to unwind and relax as you do this, and you can then slowly go back to what you were doing before. By taking the time to help them relax, their body will be more responsive to your touch, making multiple orgasms all the more possible.

What are your favourite tips and tricks for giving her multiple orgasms? Do you have a certain technique that you try, or have you found that it is as easy as slipping your cock into her pussy? Let us know by writing in the comment box below.

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