The World’s Biggest Penis Might Be 19 Inches!

September 7, 2015

According to Guinness World Records, the largest penis in the world comes in at 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect… which is a pretty eye-watering size! However, a man has recently come forward to claim that his penis is even bigger than that, but his member hasn’t yet been recognised as the largest in the world.

Despite the fact that the man has had his cock x-rayed and weighed to prove just how much meat he has, he still hasn’t found his monster dick making it into the record books. Why not, and why do we even care?

Terrifying size!

Hearing that there is a man out there with a dick so big it has made it into the record books is a pretty scary thing, but hearing that there is a man out there with one so big he is struggling to make believe that it is really that big is even more horrifying. Can you imagine being approached with that in bed?

Well, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera claims that his penis is a whopping 18.9 inches long (almost 19 inches!) and that his penis “is so long that ladies are afraid of it”. I can see why they might be! What on earth would you do with a dick that big?!

Cabrera also claims that his cock is actually a disability for him, and that he cannot work because of it. He states that he is unable to hold down a real job: “I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am a disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support. Then, I want to go to the Guinness to get recognition.”

Penis x-ray

If you had a penis that big you would want the same, and Cabrera decided that the only way he was going to get recognition for his mammoth cock was to prove how big it was. For most this would mean whipping it out and getting someone to measure it, but Cabrera went one further.

He decided that the best way to prove was to get his manhood x-rayed. After all, you can hardly deny what is there in black and white, can you?

The doctors at a health centre in the city of Saltillo, where Cabrera is living, believe that “according to the scan”, Cabrera does indeed have the world’s largest penis, as you can see it going way down, passing his knees. Crikey!

Doctors unsure

Of course, if it was that simple Cabrera would already be in the record books and we wouldn’t be telling you about the man and his mammoth piece of meat. He’s be proudly proclaiming that his dick is officially the largest in the world and fighting off those wanting to get a closer look at it.

However, some of the doctors at the health centre he had his penis x-rayed at have come forward to say that they believe his penis is actually just over 6 inches long, and that the rest that we see on the scan is merely excess skin.

Medical experts have suggested that it might simply be better to give Cabrera a shaft reduction operation to make it easier for him to live with the penis that is currently causing him so much trouble. Yet Cabrera is continuing to fight, and he thinks he has found the best way to prove his penis is all he claims it is.

Weighing the cock

Well, he then decided that the only way to prove he wasn’t lying about this was to whip his cock out on camera (albeit in what looks like a modesty sock) and put it on some weighing scales to prove that it was not just excess skin.

It is perhaps one of the strangest things we have seen, as the man shows how large the member is by whacking it onto the scales where it weighs in at 2lbs. However, it doesn’t look real and has many wondering what on earth they have just watched.

You can see for yourself. We shouldn’t need to say this, but the video below is most definitely not safe for work. Come on, it is a video of a man whipping his penis out to weigh it. Can you really explain that one to your boss?

Still not convinced

The problem is that people are still not convinced that this man’s penis is all he claims it is, and we can see why. Yes, in the video above he does weigh the monster in an attempt to prove that it isn’t just excess skin, but really, how can we be certain that is his penis in that interesting looking contraption he has used to preserve his modesty?

We have no way of knowing, which is why so many are doubting it is real. He has had it x-rayed and weighed it, but has anyone actually ever seen the meat that he claims is the biggest in the world? Surely this whole situation would be made easier if he got the Guinness World Records company to meet him and official measure his member in private? That way they would know it is real and he would get the claim to fame that he has been so desperately waiting for.

However, because of the various unusual methods he has instead been using to “prove” his penis is as impressive as he claims it is, we feel really uncertain that this isn’t just some elaborate hoax to try and earn him some fame and attention.

What do you think? Could a penis ever be that big, or is it just too much to believe?

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