Tips on Getting a Tighter Vagina

April 3, 2014

Are you a new mommy? Or maybe you have had the unpleasant talk with your significant other about your cunny being a little loose? The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter whether you have given birth or not, with the years passing your vagina cannot stay as ‘youthful’ as it used to be.

Most women at some point in life are faced with the daunting question: how to get a tighter vagina? The ‘loose vagina’ conversation is sometimes even a taboo topic to mention in front of your girlfriends. Still, you need not worry – you are not alone after all. There are millions of women troubled by the same ‘loose’ problem.

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So, buckle up and check out these tips that are guaranteed problem solver:

Ready to go under the knife?

Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplastyis offered by many clinics, as this type of surgical intervention is gaining wider popularity.

The whole procedure involves pulling back all that loose skin and muscle tissue. This method may seem easy, fast and practical, but you should have in mind that it exposes you the all the risks typical for any surgery.

Usually, you should consider this as a last resort, if all the other methods have been tried with no satisfying effect. The surgery requires general anesthesia, and it takes around 3-8 weeks of recovery period.

Willing to do some exercise?

The most widely known exercises for tightening the vagina are the Kegels. You have probably already heard about them from your gynecologist, but never really took them seriously.

The exercises consist of squeezing the pelvic muscles, several times a day in a time-span of months in order to get positive results.

Still, you may find yourself squeezing for nothing if you do not learn to do them properly. There is some help though, if you opt for Kegel exercise weights or a combined pleasure/fitness system.
However, even if you notice your vagina tightening, exercise won’t solve the problem of vagina dryness, very common in women with loose vaginas. What can be a fun exercise is – having an orgasm! Orgasms are in fact, contractions of the pelvic floor muscle, the same target spot of the Kegels actually! And know this: as your pelvic muscle becomes stronger, your orgasms will be more intense too!

Want to play with balls?

Kegels are great, but sometimes you need something that will boost the process. One of the options is to try and insert Ben-wa balls, which will provide a deeper tightening effect on your pelvic muscles. These are small, hollow, marble-sized balls in a spherical shape that are used for variety of reasons: improving sexual performance, bladder incontinence, and of course, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Beware, once inserted you really need to work your ‘v’ off to keep them in! Solving the ‘loose’ vagina problem should not stop you from continuing their further use: Taoist and Tantric traditions consider them as a helpful mean to explore one’s sensual side.

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And more Exercise!

If you are looking for long term effects of any vagina tightening method, you should consider trying yoga or Pilates. These types of exercise will take prevent your pelvic muscles from becoming loose on a long-term basis.

Vaginal Gels and Creams

There are dozens of vaginal tightening creams out there, but you have to make sure you’ve chosen the most efficient one.

The most important thing is never to use massage oil or body lotion as lubricants. Apart from containing alcohol and additives, they are full of chemical substances you don’t even want to hear about. They can cause severe irritation to the skin that can lead to allergic reaction.

Vaseline, contrary to popular opinion, should be avoided too. Vaseline can not only destroy your condom, it also serves as bacteria trap.

What you need to look for is water based products. Buying a quality vagina tightening gel is not only going to help your ‘loose’ problem, it also helps problems like vaginal dryness, various infections and irritations.

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Vaginal Pills

Vaginal tightening pills are not as safe as vaginal gel or creams, and the effects are disputable. Some of them can even have harsh side effects.

If you really want to try to solve the problem through medication, opt for the 100% herbal ones. The effects can be noticed immediately, but they last rather short – only 3 hours later you vagina becomes loose again.

Feeling encouraged? Well get to work then and give your partner a very pleasant surprise!


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