Touch Me: How Do You Fix Boring Foreplay?

February 13, 2019

Touch Me How Do You Fix Boring Foreplay

Certain things are important during sex. Communication is one of them. Foreplay is another. Okay, so it isn’t as high a priority for some people, but in many cases it is essential. Without decent foreplay, you might find that the sex is a bit shit. Blunt? Yes. True? Also yes.

The problem is that we get lazy. We figure out that one thing works so we just repeat that constantly. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… right?

Wrong. Routines can be good, but if there is no variance in them at all, you can find yourself dealing with boring foreplay. Don’t worry, you can change it. Keep reading if you want to know the best ways to get hands on and fix boring foreplay.

Is foreplay really that important?


Short, simple, and to the point. But some of you won’t be satisfied with that answer. You’ll want to know why foreplay is important. Why should you bother spending time on foreplay when you can just get straight to the act itself?

If the person you’re having sex with has a vagina, then it is important to take your time with foreplay. The pussy produces its own lubrication to make sex more pleasurable, but it can take its sweet time doing that. Foreplay means more lubrication, which makes sex a hell of a lot easier and more fun.

Regardless of gender, foreplay is still important. The more aroused you are, the more sensitive you are to stimulation. Each touch, stroke, and lick will be amplified. If your partner struggles to reach orgasm through penetrative sex, you get the chance to focus on their pleasure before your own. It’ll win you some serious brownie points and make them feel good. What’s not to like about that?

Still not convinced? The video below from Men’s Health should clear things up for you. They even look at how long we spend on foreplay, which is a disappointingly short amount of time.

Begone, boring foreplay!

Think about the way you incorporate foreplay into your sex life. Is it just the same few things over and over again? Do you kiss their lips, their neck, and then start touching their genitals? If so, it is time to break the routine.

The simplest way to do it can be challenging. Take all of the things you usually do during boring foreplay and put them to one side. Now try to engage in foreplay without pulling out your usual tricks. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially if you’ve fallen into a routine.

It’s a great method to use because it forces you to get creative. Fond of touching their tits? Tough. Do something different. Maybe stroke slowly down their spine or kiss down the centre of their chest. Let your imagination run wild!

Not feeling very imaginative? Don’t worry. I’ve got you.

Spice things up and try something new
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What can you do?

There will be times when your imagination just shuts down. You’ll be trying hard to think of something exciting to do but find that it isn’t happening. When that happens, don’t worry. This guide can help you out! There are plenty of fun things that you can try.

Food play is a great way to spice up boring foreplay. There are tons of foods you can use, though most tend to be fruits. Hey, it’s a fun way to get your five-a-day!

Struggling for time? Hop into the shower together. It’ll be fun to wash one another off and get really hands on with them. I’d advise against shower sex and tell you to move things to the bedroom when you’re done. There’s too much risk for so little reward, and frankly I find it overrated. That’s just my opinion though.

You can also try no touching during foreplay. Dirty talk is a good way to turn each other one, and you can talk about the things you’d love to do to one another. An alternative for no touching foreplay is to watch porn! You’ll both become aroused as you watch the movie, and by the time it ends you’ll be desperate to fuck. Is this a cheat way around foreplay? Maybe, but it works!

Remember that foreplay is as individual as you are. What works for some people might not work for others. It is all about the things that you two enjoy, as @laceydreamer points out on Twitter.

Your foreplay tips and tricks

I’ve had enough boring foreplay throughout my sex life to know that I don’t want it again, but sometimes we can’t help it. Life gets in the way and we stick to what we know. Spicing things up can waste precious time!

But as they say, variety is the spice of life! So now it is time to hear from you. Tell me your top foreplay tips in the comments. Got a signature move you’re proud of? I want all of the dirty details.

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