Two Trespassing Cops Caught Having Sex

January 21, 2014

Cops, for the most get a pretty bad press. Some of it may be deserved, yet, for the most part, they are treated pretty harshly. Still, when you have coppers getting caught trespassing on your property and having sex, it is unsurprising that the homeowner will take a dim view of the boys, and girls in blue.

This is what happened in the small village of East Hampton in the good old U.S of A. Three people, invited to the weekend retreat of the property’s owner so they could spend the New Years weekend there, walked in, rather unexpectedly, on a couple making the beast with two backs.

Coppers Caught Out

They were even more surprised to find who the uninvited guests were. They were a 31 year old policeman and a 20 year old traffic control officer (who also worked at the property part time as a maid)

‘Upon arrival, they located two suspects inside the residence that were not authorized to be there,’ the East Hampton Village Police incident report said.


Police called the property owner, who is a rich interior design from Manhattan, New York. He said he did not wish to press charges.
He did however, confirm the authorities that no one, other than the guests, were meant to be in the house. This has led police to investigate the two officers for trespassing.

It has been reported that the male policeman has been suspended on full pay, whilst the female has been summarily fired form her job as a maid.

‘Further departmental action is expected,’ Chief of Police Gerard Larsen Jr. wrote in a press release.

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Whatever the reasons the two policeman wanted to get up to hanky-panky in someone elses house, they are certainly regretting it now. Who would have thought that something so fun would end up with them getting worldwide ridicule?

They both have my sympathy.


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