Types Of Domination You Might Not Know About!

January 5, 2016

The world of domination is not as simple as you might think it is. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all whips, chains, and contracts. The simple fact is that domination is about taking control in some way, and that might be through making someone your slave, beating them into submission, or some other fun activity you haven’t actually thought about yet. While a lot of domination takes place face to face, the rise in technology and the ability to access the internet anywhere means that doms have started taking their skills online and using them there.

This means that any submissive looking for someone to obey can easily find the right dominatrix for them. They can simply show their mistress they are obeying with a webcam, if they have the equipment on them, but there are some other unusual ways dominatrixes are getting their subs to obey without even being in the same room as them. Here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at the types of domination that you might not even know about!


Receiving instructions from a dominatrix isn’t anything new. They have been doing it for a long time, eager to get you to follow their commands and do every little thing they want you to. For many it is a huge turn on, especially when you add a little humiliation in there.

People enjoy the slight thrill they get from humiliation. They enjoy feeling embarrassed or uncertain, and for many dominatrixes that means taking the submissive totally out of their comfort zone. One of the more popular ways of doing this is through sissification.

Sissification is when the dominatrix takes control to change their client’s gender identity, albeit temporarily. Usually, this is done through cross-dressing. They will get their slave to dress in female attire and give them a feminine name to complete the whole experience. Sometimes, they’ll get them a wig and some make-up to wear to complete the look.

Things like chastity belts can also be worn to try and control the client’s orgasm, and they will make them do typically submissive things. Many subs enjoy the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation this brings them, as they enjoy the freedom being feminized gives them.

Financial domination

One of the more popular ways of being dominated online is through financial domination. Financial domination is just as it sounds, and it is when your chosen dominatrix takes control of your finances and your disposable income.

Often, they will send a set amount to their dominatrix, who will then figure out the best way for the client to use it. They might simply tell their mistress how much disposable income they have, and so she can best decide how they are going to spend it. Some may be a gift to the mistress, and some may be used in other ways.

They might even place restrictions on your money, telling you that you cannot spend it on things like cigarettes, alcohol, or porn. The desire to buy these objects, but being unable to because your mistress commands it, is a huge turn on.

This unique way of being dominated can sometimes be done in person, when you go shopping with a mistress and they tell you just what you are allowed to spend your money on. However, a lot of the time it is done online.

Data domination

From financial domination we find ourselves thinking about how domination can work online, and there are plenty of tech dommes out there. Tech dommes are mistresses who dominate you through technology, taking control of a range of online websites you regularly use. This could be your bank account, your emails, social media, and even porn and gambling websites.

This data domination can be done in a huge number of ways. It might be that they simply change your background on your computer to something they enjoy more, or they might block certain types of websites that you regularly use by demoting your account to one that they can control.

Often this type of stuff is done online, and you may not ever meet your mistress. Instead they will use screen sharing programs or remote access to see what you use your computer for, and then stop you if you are doing something that doesn’t please them at all.

If you are willing, they might start sending out emails as though they are from you. You can watch as the email gets typed and see what they are going to say someone, and you might find a real thrill seeing the naughty things typed on screen.

When domination goes online…

While a lot of our favourite acts of domination are done face to face, like sissification, the potential for them to go online is huge. Even sissification can be done in this way, as your mistress might tell you the type of sexy outfit and wig to buy for your female persona.

With the rise in technology and the fact that we put a lot of ourselves online, it is hardly surprising that dommes have started to take control in this way. It is easier for them, as you don’t have to physically be in the same room as them, and it is very thrilling for you to watch what they do from afar.

Of course, while the idea of data domination might seem terrifying, it is of course consensual. Your mistress won’t do anything you don’t consent to, so if you are interested in trying it out, spend some time talking to your mistress first. You might just find a new favourite way to play!

Do you enjoy being dominated, or are you the one who likes to be in control? Maybe you know of more unusual dominations that we haven’t talked about? Let us know about them by using the comment box.

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