The Ultimate Striptease Guide!

January 29, 2015

Performing a striptease can be the ultimate form of foreplay. Not only will it really get your partner in the mood, but the slow dancing and revealing your own body can be a huge turn on for you as well!

However, a lot of people shy away from doing a striptease. They are scared at the idea of tripping while removing items, of choosing the wrong music, or just looking like a fool when doing it. We here at XEscorts have put together the ultimate striptease guide to help you seduce him right.

The right music

Choosing music for a striptease can see like an incredibly difficult task. You don’t want to have something overly cheesy or over the top playing while you are slowly rolling down your stockings.

The best way to find the right music is to look around. One type of music that works particularly well is acoustic or songs without lyrics. Opting for a song with no lyrics will help to keep the focus on you, instead of what the song is saying.

You also want to find a song that works with your dancing skills, even if you feel there are not. Don’t go for something with a fast rhythm when you want to slowly seduce your partner. However, you should also avoid songs that are too slow, as you may want to move at a faster pace than the music allows.

In the end, whatever song you choose should be one that makes you think of sex and, most importantly, feel sexy. If you feel sexy when you move, your partner will want to keep their eyes on you.

Sexy outfit

When deciding just what to wear for a striptease, you want to ensure it is not only something you are comfortable in, but something that makes you feel sexy and accentuates your partner’s favourite body parts.

For lingerie, choose something you absolutely adore and that makes you feel like sex on legs. It should look good on you and, most importantly, be easy to remove. You don’t want to spend too long mid-dance trying to unhook that awkward bra strap.

A tight figure hugging dress might seem like a good idea, but can you move in it and get out of it easily? If not, you may need to rethink.

A skirt and top may work well, as could many other styles of dress. Try them on and experiment to find one that works for you. You could even turn your striptease into a themed one, by adding some secretary style glasses and pinning your hair up. It can be a huge turn on for them to see what is underneath the clothes.


A key element of the striptease is how smooth it looks. It is best not to simply dive straight in without a plan, as it can look awkward and clumsy.

Videos on porn websites or even on video websites can be a great help, as you can watch what others do to get inspiration. They might even have the perfect music, and copying there moves that look sexy to you will ensure you get it right.

If you have a full-length mirror somewhere in your place, use it. Put your chosen song on, as well as you outfit, and start dancing. Watch yourself in the mirror and practice what you will do at different points of the song.

By watching yourself do it, you will see which parts look unfinished and also discover just how easy it is to stick to your routine and get out of your clothes! If you run out of time, or you are done too quickly, you can now adjust accordingly, either by adding and removing moves or by choosing a second song.
Sexy woman in front of mirror

Be confident

The big thing that people tend to forget about stripteases is that you are showing off your body, and so you should appear to love it.

If you are trying to cover up the parts of your body you really don’t like, your partner is going to notice and it will be a turn off for them.

Instead, focus your attention on the parts you or your partner love most. Tease them by keeping them just out of reach, or by touching them yourself.

Running your hands slowly up and down your sides before gently fondling your breasts can be a huge turn on for them, and from there you can take things further by pleasuring yourself in front of your partner.

Do you enjoy giving or receiving stripteases? What is the hottest thing someone can do in a strip tease? Let us know by posting in the comment box below.


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