Want To Make Sex Last Longer? Here’s How

September 12, 2016

Want To Make Sex Last Longer Here's How

Sex is great, but sometimes it just doesn’t last as long as we want it to. There are plenty of reasons why our sex sessions can run a little short, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. We want sex to last longer so that everyone can feel the pleasure.

A number of recent studies have told us how long sex should last in order for us to get the most pleasure… but they have also discovered that most of us aren’t getting enough. So how do you make sex last longer? We’ve got a few tips and tricks for you in our guide below.

How long does sex last?

Most of us imagine that we have marathon sex sessions that last for hours… but this is just a dream. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that, for most people, even ten minute sex sessions are too much for us to hope for.

The 2015 study found that, when researching heterosexual couples, the median length of time people were spending actually having sex was just 5.4 minutes. That’s it. 5.4 minutes. Not very optimist sounding, is it?

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However, this is only one of the theories about how long sex actually lasts. Rachel Hills, author of the book The Sex Myth, believes that sex might last longer than the 2015 study. In fact, she talks about other research which suggests that the average sex session might go for 7.5 minutes instead.

The problem? This still isn’t ten minutes. In 7.5 minutes there is barely enough time to really get yourself worked up and ready to go. Well, not for ladies anyway. We women need a little bit longer to enjoy sex.

Why doesn’t sex last longer?

There are plenty of different reasons why sex doesn’t last longer. We might not like the reasons, but unfortunately, they happen. A lot of the time, it is because of when the man ejaculates. You might have high hopes of making it last longer, but then you are in the moment and suddenly it just feels too good to stop.

It can be even worse when you are dealing with premature ejaculation. Your body seems to work against you when it comes to sex, making you blow your load before you are ready. It means that you don’t get as much time to please your partner as you want, which can really ruin the moment.

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Sometimes, it can be because your partner just isn’t feeling it. They might not be in the mood for sex, citing reasons like “I have a headache” or “I’m tired”. This makes them want to get sex over with as quickly as possible and not take their time to enjoy it. Of course, orgasms are a fantastic pain relief, so this isn’t the kind of excuse we can really accept any more.

If you aren’t having regular sex, it can be difficult to make it last longer. Your body just isn’t used to the sensations, so when you do have sex, it seems to go so quickly.

How long should sex last?

So how long should sex last? Well, a study published back in 2004 decided to take a look at how long people should be having sex to get the most enjoyment.

Of course, asking people how long they have sex for and how long they want to have sex for is going to throw up some interesting results. While many of them said that they’d have between 11 and 13 minutes of foreplay, a lot enjoyed seven or eight minutes of actual sex.

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So this is on par with the average sex sessions, right? But how long do people really want to fuck? It seems that we want to double up. Yes, people are actually hoping to have between 14 and 16 minutes of incredibly hot and horny sex.

This might not seem like a long time, but if you think about it, it could be one hell of a sex session… so just what are you supposed to do to enjoy this kind of amazing sex?

Slow down

Foreplay is often one of the longest parts of sex. We spend ages teasing and turning each other one, which means that when it comes to the actual sex, we tend to go at it hard and fast.

One of the key things to do when you want to make sex last longer is to try and slow things down a little. Instead of rushing in, take your time and see if you can get your partner begging for you to finish them off and fuck them hard.

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If you wait for them to start begging you, you are going to make it last longer. You are going to try to tease them and drive them wild with your cock and your hands.

Plus, it will be a hell of a thrill for you to hear them start pleading with you to fuck them harder and faster, which will be a hell of a kick for you. It will leave you feeling like a sex god.

Take a break

If you find that you ejaculate too early, there are a few different things that you can do to delay your orgasm. One of the best things that you can do is give yourself a little break.

Taking a break will allow your body to desensitise a little, meaning that each stroke won’t feel quite as intense. It will also bring you down from the edge of orgasm and give you the chance to focus on your partner.

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This technique is often referred to as edging, and it’s not only great because it gives you a break. It also allows you to focus on your partner’s pleasure. Instead of ramming your cock into her quickly, you can slide your fingers inside and go for her g-spot. She’ll feel fantastic and you get to last longer. Best of all, your orgasm will be much more intense after having a little break.

How long do you think your average sex session lasts? What is the longest time you’ve spent in the bedroom with a sexy lady? Tell us your stories in the comment box below or share your tips with us. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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