Why People Hate Giving Oral

March 23, 2015

There are a lot of people out there who love giving oral sex. They love sucking cock and licking pussy because it makes their partner feel great, and they enjoy the taste and feeling it gives them.

For every person who enjoys it, there is another who hates it. They cannot stand the idea of putting their head in someone’s lap to lick and suck away at them. What reasons do people give for hating oral sex so much, and what can you do to combat it?

Poor hygiene

This is the number one reason I’ve heard from my girl friends as to why they won’t suck their guy’s dick. I’ve been lucky – I’ve never had a dirty cock before… but the friends who have say they just can’t bring themselves to put their mouth around it when it is so filthy. I even had one friend who said it was so filthy she told her partner why she wouldn’t do it… that’s pretty embarrassing!

Think about it – when was the last time you cleaned it? When was the last time you rolled back the foreskin and gave your knob a good wash? If you can’t remember when, it was too long ago.

When you don’t clean it properly, dirt and grim can gather around it. It makes it look disgusting and is a huge turn off for your partner. Don’t expect them to do it again if you can’t keep it clean! It also makes it smell, and considering their mouth will be full during the act so they have to breathe through their nose, you don’t want that.

Next time you take a shower, give your cock some love. Get some warm water and a little bit of soap and rub gently. Gently roll the foreskin back and clean under it, and pay special attention to the various folds where dirt can gather. The cleaner it is, the dirtier you can get.


When you go down on your sexy woman, what do you expect her to do? Do you want her to simply lie there not reacting at all, or do you want her to moan when you do something she likes? It is the same for women giving head.

Are you giving her enough cues that you like it? If you are lying there doing nothing, she might actually think she isn’t good enough to suck your cock and stop doing it. Try to add a few moans when it feels good, and tell them what you like.

On the other hand, you can also be far too enthusiastic. We get it – men like getting blowjobs. All women have to do is say “I want to suck your cock” and men will strip out of everything and lie back ready for them.

Think about what you are doing. A lot of women are put off by a man putting his hands on her head. They worry you’re going to force them onto your cock and choke them, which makes them reluctant to do it. Sure, some like a little aggressive face fucking, but don’t do it unless you arrange it beforehand.

Takes too long

Sex can get boring. If you do the same position for too long, or keep doing the same thing over and over again, it can get really dull and sometimes even painful.

I enjoy giving head, but if you want me to do it for half an hour I’m going to refuse. The constant bobbing of the head and the position of the jaw can start to hurt, so if it takes too long for you to finally let go, your partner might not want to do it anymore.

Try having sex first. If you’re already turned on after having fucked your girl to orgasm, you’ll be much more likely to finish off in her mouth or on her chest quicker. The alternative is just using a blowjob as a warm up to the main event. Don’t focus on coming and when you think the time is right, move on to sex.

You could even give your partner the chance of a break by returning the favour. Nothing takes your mind off the aches and pains like mind-blowing orgasms.

Simply don’t enjoy it

There are a lot of people out there who simply don’t enjoy oral sex, both giving and receiving. It could be that their previous partners haven’t done it right and given them what they need. If you can show them what they are missing, they might be more open to trying it again.

There are also a lot of people who feel turned off by someone sucking them off or licking their pussy. They think they are ugly to look at down there, or that they taste bad and no-one will ever want to do it. The best way to tackle this is to give them a confidence boost. Let them know exactly how good they look or how much you enjoy doing it.

Your partner might also think they aren’t very good at it, and while that might be true they can learn. Talk to your partner about what works for you and what turns you on the most. Soon they’ll have the confidence to do it more.

Some people are also selfish. They prefer receiving oral sex, and so will rarely, if ever, reciprocate. If you are that person, you need to stop. Sex is something you should be sharing, otherwise your partner is going to get very bored of you. If you don’t enjoy giving it, talk to your partner about why and see if you can work out a way to help you enjoy it.

Do you enjoy oral sex, or do you prefer receiving it?

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