Why We Love Hidden Camera Sex!

December 21, 2015

How many times have we found ourselves home alone and pulled out the laptop to watch some porn, only to find that we are struggling to find something to watch that doesn’t feel rehearsed? Some people are happy to just jerk off to any old thing, but most of us are porn connoisseurs who will only settle down once we’ve found the perfect video, and lately that seems to be much more challenging than it was once upon a time.

The answer, it seems, to heavily scripted and rehearsed porn are things like hidden camera videos. The growth of real and live spy cams in sex over the last few years has been huge, and the thought of watching hidden camera sex is a huge turn on for many. It somehow seems more real, despite the fact that it, like other porn videos, is probably faked… but we much enjoy watching hidden cam sex. So here on XEscorts we take a look a why we love watching hidden camera sex so much.

It’s taboo

One of the biggest turn ons about watching other people having sex or masturbating is that it is taboo. Watching your partner masturbating in front of you is okay, but watching strangers in front of a hidden camera as they do naughty things, such as jerking off or passionately fucking, is one of the big taboos.

We might all get a little curious about what others get to when they think they aren’t being watched, and hidden cameras is the way to do it. We get to see them without their inhibitions, which makes it more fun for us!

Okay, so some people suspect that these “hidden” cameras aren’t actually that hidden, and that the people on the cameras know that they are there, but it still feels very much taboo. We are looking in at the naughty things that people do when they are alone, and it gives us ideas about what people really get up to when they are on their own.

We get to watch them slowly strip off and be totally comfortable with themselves as they do, doing the things that they really want to do to their bodies as they go.

Real people

Another big plus for hidden camera sex is that it feels more realistic. Yes, it might be staged, but in order to make hidden camera sex look like the camera really is hidden and that people are really watching something that is happening naturally, the people cannot look like porn stars.

Instead of watching some slim woman with a pert ass and big fake boobs, you will see people of all shapes and sizes on camera. You’ll find mature women who actually look mature and not like your typical blonde haired, blue eyes, big-boobed and wearing a tight jumper “milfs”.

The men also won’t be studs with the biggest dicks in the land. You can watch busty women with big asses fucking men with small dicks, and petite women taking the fattest cock they can in their mouths. It shows you exactly what “normal” people would do, rather than what porn stars would do.

You are also much more likely to see real orgasms. Porn, I am sorry to tell you if you don’t already know, is mostly faked. Not many women can orgasm from just a squeeze of the tit like you see in porn, and you won’t see that in hidden cam sex.

It’s not like traditional porn

Hidden camera sex tends to be very different from traditional porn. In porn we get straight to the action with a blowjob, pussy eating, or even straight up sex. The action starts almost immediately and is intense from the very get-go.

When you are watching porn caught through a hidden spy camera, not only does it seem more realistic, but it also goes slower. There isn’t the same rush to get their cock in someone’s pussy as there is in porn, and so it seem to flow better. The rush means that you get a longer video to enjoy, which is always good!

With other porn videos, the focus seems to be on the man and his pleasure. Okay, so the woman moans and groans and makes a lot of noise, but that doesn’t mean that she is enjoying herself in the same way that the man does.

That isn’t the case with hidden cam porn. A lot of it is just a woman on her own, enjoying herself. She might be in the bath, lying back with the water from the tap hitting her clit, or she might be lying in bed with a vibrator in her hand. She will take things slowly, running the vibrator all over her body to slowly turn her on, before putting it exactly where she wants it to be. You can learn a lot from watching these videos.

Is hidden cam better than porn?

Hidden camera sex is on the rise because of all of these reasons, because people seem to get much more enjoyment from watching it than they do from porn, but does that make it better than the other porn that you might watch?

Personally, I can see the appeal of it, but watching the videos makes me wonder if it really is authentic. I suspect that, like a lot of porn videos, it has been faked, and that the actresses and actors know that the camera is there and have simply been told to not look at it.

But what do you think? Are you a fan of the hidden camera sex videos that seem to be growing in popularity on porn sites all over, or do you prefer to get a better close up of the action with someone holding the camera for you? Let us know in the comment bow below.

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