Woman Busted For Mid-Air Sex After ‘Loud Noises’!

May 6, 2014

It seems that people still want to join the mile high club. The idea of sneaking off with a partner and having some hot action seems like the most exciting thing ever to some people, even if those airplane toilets are barely big enough to fit one person in, let alone two! Still, the fact that there are about 10 stewardesses knocking around always acts as a big turn off for me!

Loud Noises

I actually wonder how everyone doesn’t get caught? One big tip I imagine is to be quiet while you do it. Well, someone should have mentioned this to a lady in Vegas, who got busted by air the air crew after trying to get up to naughty things in the bathroom.

People began to complain about hearing loud sex noises coming from the bathroom. Crew members busted the restroom door open and stopped them in the act.

Woman and man having sex in bathroom, woman#s legs wrapped around man

The lady had apparently got heated with the guy sat next to her on the flight from Vegas to London. It gets better; she was travelling with her parents. How the hell is she going to try and explain that one away?

You may not be too surprised to hear that alcohol was involved here. You may also not be shocked to hear that she went absolutely crazy when when the the crew broke the door down, and had to be handcuffed to the chair.

She was spoken to by authorities when the plane landed, although she was let off with a warning.

A New Career?

Well, this may not have been the most intelligent move, and I’m sure the conversation with her parents was a lot of fun, but you have to give the lady credit for being one horny minx.

Maybe she should consider working as a London escort? She can explore her fantasies and she won’t have to explain to her her mum and dad what those loud noises coming from the bathroom were.

Seems a no-brainer to me!


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