Woman Shot Lover For Bad Sex

July 23, 2014

Bad sex is inexcusable, but is it a reason to shoot someone? Apparently so, and a woman who was convicted of shooting her lover in the stomach has been released from jail, pending an appeal of her four year prison sentence.

Having An Affair

The woman shot her lover over his apparently mediocre performance in the bedroom. She believed her lover was having an affair when he didn’t produce an adequate amount of ejaculate after sex.

The fact that the two were together because they had an affair is just an interesting twist to the tale.

History of Violence

The prosecutors in the case are pushing for the woman to be put back in prison, claiming she is a danger to society. It seems that she has shot someone before – her ex-husband – in 1991, and they believe her to be too dangerous to be out.

No conviction was made at the time, and her ex-husband refused to speak about it, but it still happened.

“She has demonstrated that her past behaviour is to act out in violence, not necessarily with reason. A normal person would walk away from the situation when they felt they were being cheated on or leave.”


I know what it’s like to be cheated on, or to suspect someone is cheating on you, and while I agree that violence isn’t the answer we often act in unpredictable ways. When I found my ex-wife had been cheating on me I spent more time with the escorts in Stockholm. It really helped me overcome my self-esteem issues.

I just hope this woman gets the help she needs… before any other lovers are shot!


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