Woman Walks Around French City ‘Wearing’ Painted On Jeans!

May 15, 2014

I was looking round the internet earlier and found this little gem. A model identified only as “Marie” walks through the streets of Lille, France, dressed normally from the waist up, but on the bottom wearing only a thong and jeans that have been literally painted on.

The funny thing is that the artwork has been done so well, that only a couple of people notice anything, with the rest of Lille seemingly completely oblivious to what was happening.

The video was directed by Belgian students Sarah Baboro and David Lesage and features the bodypainting work of makeup artist Marie Przybylski.

One thing I certainly noticed was that ‘Marie’ certainly has a very nice bottom. She would certainly make a great life as a Malmo escort, irrespective of how her obvious modeling career goes.

I personally love this kind of art. No, not just because she has a great ass, but because it brings art out of the stuffy galleries and into the street, which introduces a new audience.

Great work guys…keep it up!


The danish actress Evønne used 2 call this; Fedt røv!:D

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