Would We Rather Sext Or Have Physical Sex?

September 28, 2018

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Most of us lead busy lives. Although we try our best to make time for ourselves and our sexual partners, we aren’t always able to. The latest smartphones mean that we can now sext without worrying about being caught out, and so we aren’t having as much physical sex as we used to.

Sexting is more convenient, especially when you aren’t in the same area as the person you really want to fuck. However, are we just using sexts as a way to get intimate or would we rather send one than have physical sex?

The convenience of sexting

I have friends all over the place. This means that pretty much every weekend, I am away somewhere. I might visit friends in France, head over to Germany, or head to the English countryside to catch up. With a busy work and social life, it is hard to keep up with relationships.

So I have turned to apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat in order to keep my sex life alive. Not only does WhatsApp save me a lot of money, since I don’t use texts now, but Snapchat is convenient for sexting. Messages and pictures are temporary, and you receive a notification if your partner takes a screenshot. This helps to ensure only those you want to see it get to see it.

It is easy to use, and because I can use it anywhere, I can sext on the go. I’ve been sitting on a train before, taking advantage of the delay by sending a message to one of my fuck buddies. The delay went really quickly, thanks to the naughty messages we were sending back and forth. Sure, it doesn’t exactly replace physical sex, but it is useful when you aren’t able to have it.

Given the option, most would opt for actual sex... right?

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Sexting over physical sex

That said, there are times when I prefer sending a sext to meeting up with a partner. Maybe I’m just not feeling particularly sexy or energetic? It is easier to send a message and flirt that way, instead of having to expend energy actually having sex. However, it seems that the latest research by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service suggests that some people prefer sexts to physical sex.

The BPAS looked into the sexual habits of teens and discovered that a number of them felt that “sexting could be taking the place of actual sex”. The study also found that fewer of them were smoking or going on drinking binges, earning the generation the name of ‘Generation Sensible’.

Some felt that this was the reason for teen pregnancy ratings being at an all-time low. However, they also pointed out that the rise is technology and sex meant that more were vulnerable to exploitation and blackmail as a result of it. Just last year 34% of those surveyed stated that they had sent nudes or other sexual images online.

You can't catch an STI from a sext

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Why not physical sex?

In a way, it is great that so many people would rather send a sexy text message instead of having actual sex. It means that the spread of things like STIs aren’t as likely, since you can’t catch one from receiving a nude text. Pregnancies are also down… but does the risk of being blackmailed over a message you’ve sent make it worth it?

One of the reasons I believe that sexting has become so much more popular than physical sex is because it is so convenient. As I said earlier, you don’t have to be in the same city or even the same country. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, as we usually have more energy to send a message than we do to have sex.

It also feels kinky. If someone is into strictly vanilla sex, they might not send a sext. Those eager to push boundaries and try new ideas might find it easier to do so in a message. It means that they can explore new things without the risk of having their fetish outright rejected. That is definitely appealing.

Sharing fantasies is easier in text form

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Which would you rather have?

I will admit that there are plenty of times in my life when sending a sext is so much easier than having actual physical sex. I don’t have to put on some sexy lingerie for a text. I don’t even have to change out of my pyjamas. In a text message I can create an illusion without the physical effort.

That said, sometimes I just want to fuck! Where do you stand on this issue? Would you rather have sex or send a sext? You can let us know your thoughts on the subject by voting in the poll. You can even explain your answer in the comments if you wish!

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