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Northern towns often get overlooked by foreign visitors who come to see what England has to offer. Traditionally they head to London to see palaces and landmarks which are known the world over. However, for many reasons, the city of Liverpool never gets forgotten, with millions of tourists heading there to see the home of great football, and of course, The Beatles.

Liverpool is a major city in the north-west of England. As of 2016, it had an estimated population of 484,578. Along with its surrounding areas, it is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country. Famous for its sport, music, and the vibrancy of its inhabitants, you will not be shocked to hear that there are numerous Liverpool escorts who are willing to show you what makes this part of the world so very special.

Things To Do in Liverpool

There are few better places to visit in the world than this city. The home to the biggest band in the world ever, 'The Beatles', the city is dedicated to remembering the greatness of the 'Fab Four'. Mathew Street is full of bars and clubs which have a Beatles theme. So many in fact that it would be rude to single any out.

Football is the other main love here. Both Liverpool and Everton are huge sides with a global fan base. True, it will be difficult, if not impossible to get standard tickets, but hospitality is usually available if you are willing to pay a bit more. Why not take one of the escorts in Liverpool along with you to make it even better? They will be as hot as any WAG you will see on the TV.

If neither of you are into music or sport, there are a wealth of things to go and look at as you walk around this magical part of England. There is the iconic Liver Building, the Two Cathedrals, and the 'Bombed Out Church’. The latter was hit hard during WWII and has remained that way as a monument to those who were hurt so much during that vicious conflict.

There is adult fun here also. LEVEL Nightclub has an incredible atmosphere and even a courtyard. Here you can dance and drink away in the company of Liverpudlians, a group who really know how to have a good time.

Another group who know how to party are the erotic massage providers in Liverpool. Their hands can take away all your worries, leaving you with a real smile on your face by the end of the appointment.

You won't ever be bored in Liverpool, it is one hell of a city.

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