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Very few cities can be called iconic. Well, in that very small number you can certainly count London. This city is so full of landmarks, history, and culture, that it will be impossible to mention everything on just one page, though we will certainly try.

London is the capital city of England and the major city in the whole of the UK. The home of the Royal Family and Parliament, the city sees millions travel to it from all around the globe. While they are here, many choose to spend some time with the London escorts who as well as being plentiful, have a reputation as being some of the best in the country.

Things To Do in London

Where can you start? There is just so much to do. Still, anyone who comes here will naturally make a trip to Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen, and Parliament, the home of democracy. Both buildings are a sight to behold, The House of Commons being many people’s favourite building in the world.

If you want to get to know London a bit better, the walking tours are fantastic. You get to see all the iconic places, such as Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch, and your guide will teach you a bit about them all. Even better, the tour is free, though if it was good it is recommended that you put in a voluntary contribution to pay the guide's wages.

The London Eye is a great place to get a view of the city. The big wheel will send you up into the sky where you can see all around, and as it is done really slowly, you can really soak it all in.

The Virgin London Marathon is a great event which takes part in the city. Taking place in April of every year, it is hard to get a place amongst the 10’s of thousands who take part, but it seems like the whole city come out to support the runners. It is certainly one of the best days of the year.

If football is more your scene, there are so many teams you wouldn’t believe. In no particular order, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Palace, and QPR all have great fanbases and a long history. Some games will be easier to get tickets for than others, but no matter where you go to watch a game, you will be in for an experience.

If you want to expand your mind further, there are some incredible museums here. The Natural History and Science and Industry Museum are maybe the two best. You can truly spend hours immersed in these places.

However, you are on XEscorts, so you are likely to be wanting adult fun. The night scene is maybe the best in the world. Dance fans should head to ‘Ministry of Sound’ to strut their stuff, but there are many other options depending on what your taste is.

If you want to have a gamble, the Empire Casino has all the card games and roulette, but also a cocktail bar. You will certainly enjoy yourself in this atmosphere, as long as you only bet what you can afford to lose.

If you want to go even naughtier, the erotic massage providers in London are some of the best around. Their hands will take you into a world of relaxation, and you will certainly leave the meeting with these companions with a smile on your face.

Whatever you choose to do in the beautiful capital, do it in the company of the escorts in London. They really will make your visit go with a bang.

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