10,000BC – A Fake Indecent Assault Allegation?

March 3, 2015

Last night, I was sat with my Mrs flitting round the TV, looking for something that wasn’t total rubbish. With over 1000 channels, you would have thought that would be an easier job. I stumbled on a show called 10,000BC. The premise of the programme was that 20 people would be chucked into some Bulgarian forest, and told to live like they would have done in the prehistoric ages for a couple of months. It actually sounded quite interesting.

Well, as this was the penultimate episode, it seems that almost everyone had buggered off as it was too tough. You don’t need to be a survival expert to work out that in 10,000BC, kids would have been trained in hunting techniques ect from the moment they came out of their mother. You probably don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out that 20 fame hungry people from the 21st century with only two weeks training, may not be up to that standard.

Well, by the time I started watching, there were only five or six people there, and the show seemed like total tosh. However, just as I was about to call it a night, the programme was rocked by a ‘sexual assault’ accusation.

A Serious Allegation

It all began with a female contestant named Jodie complaining to a fellow group member that she had been touched inappropriately during the night by someone called Paul. It seems that they all sleep together in a tent, as would have happened in 10,000BC.

Obviously, that didn’t sound very good, but I was fascinated to see how it would play out. It was what occurred than that grabbed everyone’s attention, and created a social media storm.

Jodie, happy and smiling, spoke to Paul about the incident. It had apparently happened when they were lay down together and he had ‘touched her breast’. Paul, seemingly horrified, denied anything. Jodie, still smiling, said that she was willing to sleep next to him in the future, but it would be up to him and the rest of the group what would happen, and if he would be allowed to stay.

What happened then was what can only be described as a kangaroo court. Jodie told Paul they would go in and talk about it with the rest of the group, but that it was a conversation “she should lead”. With what can only be described as a huge smirk, she told the group he had assaulted her, and despite his protestations, he was told to leave as no-one felt comfortable with him.

Man talk to upset woman

A Happy Environment

Once he had left, everyone continued smiling and laughing, and even said it was great when someone left as they were able to get his rations and furs. You couldn’t help but feel that is a sexual assault had taken place, the place would have been a bit more sombre. They went on to say it was great that Paul had gone as he always liked to go hunting in the morning, which was a ‘waste of time’. It seems they have missed the point of the programme, as if they thought hunting was a waste of time in 10,000BC, they would have died very quickly. I was wondering what the hell I was watching, and I actually questioned if they had just got rid of the guy to get his grub, helping them eat for the last ten days of the show, before they went home.

It was stated at the end of the show, that Jodie didn’t make any allegations to the police. I was hardly surprised.

A Social Media Storm

Now, trying to work out whether I was being far too cynical, I went onto Twitter to see what everyone else’s reaction was. I can only say I was blown away.

What I expected was a vigilante mentality, with people calling for Paul to be hanged from a Bulgarian tree. To counter that, I envisaged one or two lone voices questioning Jodie and the groups reaction to such a serious allegation. What I found was almost total support for Paul, with people thinking the allegations were false and malicious.

What amazed me even more was the fact that so many of these supporters were women. Jodie was basically called a manipulative liar who had used the awful accusation as a way of getting this guy booted out. The happy disposition of everyone gloating after about their food and fur struck people as being a case of ‘job well done’.

I will point out that as I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened. I am not here to call anyone a liar. People react differently to assaults. But you are going to have grave concern when a woman who has been ‘indecently assaulted’, is then willing to let the guy sleep next to her, and is smiling. You would expect the reaction to be one of disgust, and a resulting call to the police. It made uncomfortable viewing; that’s all I will say.

Why No Female Solidarity?

Now everyone who watched will have their own opinions on the matter. But what fascinated me was the reaction of female viewers. You would have thought they would have been in ‘solidarity’ with Jodie?

Well, here is my opinion on the matter. Women (and men) everywhere find it hard to get justice for sexual offences committed against them. If they consider someone a malicious liar (and it is apparent that last night, they did) they feel it will undermine future cases, and prevent women getting justice.

The consensus is last night was fishy as hell. An offence may have been committed, granted. This is the issue with sexual offences; it is often one persons word against another. However, sexual offences are serious. Glibly smiling, laughing, gloating about nicking rations, and then not pressing charges strikes many as it not adding up. It could be the ultimate hatchet job.

This country needs to seriously look at the wat it looks at sexual offences, both current, and historical. Many people felt that last night did no-one any favours.

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