200% Increase In Sex Change Applications In Sweden

October 27, 2014

Sweden’s legal counsel has reported a 200% increase in those seeking a sex change in Sweden… and that’s just from the last year!

Since last year there have been 170 cases of people wanting to alter their gender and undergo a sex change, compared to the mere 60 people seeking the move last year.


Hans Briggmar, of the Gender Identity Clinic, says that there may be several reasons behind the huge increase in numbers seeking to change their lives in this way.

He states that there has “been a greater openness in society” that means people are no longer afraid of the reaction to this choice. They just want to be happy. He also stated that there is more information available than before, meaning people are able to make better informed choices based on facts rather than avoiding it because of stigma, fear, and misinformation.

Waiting list

These reasons could be behind the desire that has come over many to live the life they want to life, instead of one they feel trapped in. There are more transgender people around now than ever before because they are making that all important step.

However, this also means that the waiting lists at clinics such as the Gender Identity Clinic in Lund. The one in Lund states that there are currently 30 people on the list with a waiting period of 7 to 8 months for the treatment, a huge increase from the previous 1 to 2 month waiting period last year.

Long waits can be bad

The long wait can make things even more nerve-wracking for those wishing to undergo the treatment. It is stressful having to sit around for the all-important phone call or letter telling you it is time, and the questions you put together in your head can be enough to scare you away from going.

If it is what you want, though, try not to let the wait get to you. Write down your questions, thoughts and fears onto a piece of paper and take it with you to the consultation. They will be able to answer them and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Coming to terms with gender

When you are born in the wrong gender and the wrong body it is almost indescribable. No matter what you try you just don’t feel right, which is why Gender Identity Clinics are so important. They give you the chance to talk about it with a specialist who can help you figure out just what you need to make you feel right in your own skin.

Do you know anyone who has, or is, undergoing treatment? Are you yourself? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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