3 Sex Positions To Make You Last Longer

September 30, 2014

Getting a little too excited and finding the moment is over before you’ve truly had the chance to enjoy it can happen, and for some of us it happens more often than we’d like. Here at XEscorts, we’ve come up with the three sex positions to help you last longer in bed… as well as one to avoid.

1) From behind

Taking your partner from behind can mean better sex for the both of you. Focus on slow, gentle strokes to keep everything under control. Just because it is from behind doesn’t mean it has to be rough or hard sex. Stick to soft sex, taking the time to reach around and massage your partner in the right way.

2) Woman on top

You might think that this is a position to avoid, but a lot of men feel that a back and forth motion from the woman is more comfortable for the men, while also meaning you are less likely to cum as quickly. With her in control, you can concentrate on keeping everything under control.

3) Spoon

This is by far one of the best techniques and has really helped me in the bedroom. Have sex in the spooning position. Your penetration will be shallower in this position, meaning you can spend time getting your partner to that crucial tipping point before you go for it.

Avoid missionary

While sex in the missionary position is quite the standard “go to” position, it isn’t the best for pleasure or for withholding your orgasm. In fact, it is one of the worst, as you will get tired very quickly, meaning you will want to give in to your orgasm.

Experiment with the three positions explained above to find which work best for you. Now they might not all work for you, but they are a step to figuring out how your body works, and what you need to do to delay that orgasm.

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