4 Sex Games For Longer Lasting Foreplay

May 5, 2017

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A number of women struggle to reach orgasm during sex. It is, unfortunately, one of the things that happens… but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. A lot of those women struggling to cum confess that spending more time on foreplay makes it more likely… but how can you make yourself dedicate more time to foreplay?

Sex games can help. The only issue is that there are so many sex games out there for you to try that choosing the perfect one to make foreplay last is tough. This is why we have put together our four favourites so that you can dive right in and start having fun!

1. Strip poker

When it comes to stripping for sex, after a while we rush through it. We will want to take our clothes off as soon as possible so that we can get to the good stuff, and this often means we end up rushing through foreplay too. So how do you make it last longer? It’s simple – focus on the strip.

Games like strip poker are perfect for this. All you need is a pack of cards. You play your partner and take it in turns to remove an item of clothing when you lose a hand. It’ll really make you delay removing those layers and then, when one of you is stripped, you’ll be really turned on and eager for sex.

The game itself becomes the foreplay. You’ll still touch your partner all over once they have stripped, but you’ll find that the thrill of getting good cards makes it even better for you. You’ll also find that it is still a turn on even when you lose a hand. If you lose the game, are you really losing when there is sex on the cards?

Strip poker is one of the best sex games for you to play

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2. Time’s up

It can be difficult to stop yourself from rushing through foreplay. We get so caught up in the kisses and the touches that we just skip ahead to the main event. Yes, it is a bad habit, but breaking habits is tough. Thankfully, you already have the perfect tool to help you with this – your mobile phone.

Pretty much all phones come with a timer app or widget for you to use. You simply input the amount of time you need to wait for something and click “go”. Most people tend to use it when in the kitchen cooking, but it might actually be perfect for spicing up your sex life!

Turn it into a game. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and start to enjoy foreplay with your partner. The aim of the game is to make them beg for you to fuck them before the time runs out. You can touch each other however you want, but you can’t have sex. You’ll start to get inventive with how you touch them to try and make them cave in, and it’ll be fun trying to resist them when you know you only have to last a few more minutes!

Setting a timer increases the tension

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3. X marks the spot

Something that is fun to do is to test your partner and give them a fun little adventure to go on using your body. This is where sex games like “x marks the spot” come in. You don’t even need to have any equipment for it… you can simply get straight to the fun!

You choose a spot on your body and think of it. Then your partner has to kiss and touch you all over, slowly, until they find it. If they get to it too quickly you could change it to make foreplay last longer, or you can tell them they got it right and switch. Take it in turns until one of you ends up choosing your cock or pussy as the spot.

What you do when you have found the spot is totally up to you. You could jump straight to sex or choose a fun sex act geared around that body part. Get creative and see what you can come up with!

X marks the spot isn't great just for treasure hunters

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4. Mirror, mirror

Sometimes you’ll find that you partner doesn’t quite get how to touch you. You might ask them or talk to them about it, but they don’t seem to properly understand. A good way to combat this is to try the mirror mirror game.

This is one of the sex games that has you touching yourself, rather than touching your partner. You’ll sit or stand opposite each other and start to slowly stroke your hands over your body. Your partner will then copy you. You can take it in turns, counting down until you swap. It’ll be a lot for two big reasons.

One, you’ll get to show your partner how you want to be touched. They’ll learn from your reactions and your movements what works best for you, so they’ll know for the future. Two, you’ll touch yourself a little different to see them do it. You might not usually pay much attention to your nipples, but you will if it means they are teasing theirs! It’s a great way to experiment.

Mirroring each other's movements is a great way to experiment

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Your favourite sex games

There are plenty of different sex games you can try to spice things up. For example, we’ve suggested strip poker is a great game, but you can turn any card game or even board game into a kinky sex game with a little imagination.

Hopefully these games will help you make foreplay last longer. Tell us how you get on by leaving a comment in the box below. You can even suggest a few sex games of your own for others to try!

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