5 Ways To Play With Boobs!

June 26, 2015

We can all agree that tits are pretty fantastic. If you’re feeling down or you’ve had a stressful day, just the sight of a big and juicy pair is sure to put a smile on your face and a hard-on in your pants.

Not only that, but there have been many scientific studies into boobs and just what they can do for you. They have been proven to reduce stress and make you feel happier with just a squeeze, and it is easy to see just why we love them so much.

The problem is that, when it comes to sex, we don’t give tits as much attention as they deserve. Yes, we’ll look at the way the lacy bra barely contains them, maybe even give them a squeeze and a kiss, but often we move onto something else. We take a look at five ways that you can give those tits the attention that they deserve.

Touch and kiss them

This is something that tends to happen in the bedroom anyway, but think about what you do. Your partner will walk seductively towards you, or you’ll start kissing them on the lips. You’ll enjoy some hot French kissing with tongues before slowly kissing your way down her neck. One hand will give one tit a squeeze while your mouth kisses the nipple and sucks it into your mouth.

As quickly as it started it ends, which can leave your partner feeling very disappointed. There are a lot of nerve-endings in their boobs that can help to get them hot and bothered and really wet for you, yet many tend to spend no more than a minute kissing and touching those tits. The best way around this is to turn the time you spend kissing and stroking their breasts into foreplay time, and act as though the tits get their own foreplay just for them.

Start by slowly running your fingers over their chest, running the tips around their nipples and watch them harden for you. Then, use your hands to gently squeeze those boobs in your hands, toying with the nipples as you do. When your partner is breathing a little heavily from the attention, kiss all over their tits, avoiding the nipples for as long as possible. When your partner is blushing from the teasing, then you can take the nipple into their mouth. You could even move a hand down to play with their pussy at the same time, but keep your mouth on their tits to give them something to remember.


This ties in nicely to the previous point. You can actually give your partner a nice tit massage to get them in the mood, but it serves another purpose. If your partner has been wearing a bra that digs painfully into their boobs, you can make it better simply by rubbing them.

Many like to give a tit massage in the bedroom by getting their partner to lie down. They’ll give a full body massage but spend some good quality time on the tits, keeping the pressure light so that they don’t hurt their partner.

However, if you want to mix it up a little why not jump into the shower? The warm water is great for giving a soapy massage, as the time you spend together will get you both in the mood.

Food play

Food play can be a bit hit and miss. You’ll either find that it works amazingly, or you’ll end up in a very sticky bed with mess everywhere and the desire to never again take squirty cream or honey into the bedroom.

That said, food play is a great tool for those unsure of just how they should be treating their partner’s tits and, in particular, their nipples. It gets you to kiss, lick, and nibble every inch of their breasts which can help to get them in the mood.

In this situation, sticky food is the best, as you will have to pay real attention to your partner to clean it all up. Be careful not to lick too much or too hard, though, as this can give them tender and sensitive skin. Spread your attention out over their entire chest and they will love the attention you are giving them.

Nipple play

For many, nipple play is similar to tie and tease. You will give your partner’s nipples a squeeze, a lick, and maybe even a playful bite, and as they start to really enjoy it you will back off or move to the other nipple in the hopes of driving them wild. However, some like to add a little BDSM touch to it, and there are a few ways you can do that.

Nipple clamps are extremely popular to use, as the pressure applied will cause blood to rush to the surface of the tits, yet the clamps themselves will restrict the blood flow from getting through. They can be used as a tool of pain, too, but the pressure on the nipples can also be extremely pleasurable. For many, the mix of pain and pleasure is a huge turn on, and the fact that their nipples are constantly hard under the clamps for their partner makes it clear how much they want it.

Using a whip on tits is also common, as it causes blood to rush to the surface. This, in turn, increases the sensitivity, and will mean that every touch and kiss on the surface of the skin will turn them on. Whippings tend to be very light, as the skin is extremely sensitive here anyway, but seeing your partner moan and cry out with each hit will be a huge turn on for you both.

Tit wank

Of course, one of the most fun things to do with boobs is to enjoy a tit wank. It can be done in a number of ways, but usually involves lots of lube and some big juicy tits to squeeze around your cock. There’s a reason that men love it, and that is because it combines the tits they love so much with the feeling of fucking, and the sensations are hard for them to describe.

Your partner may get you to lie down on the bed before wrapping her ample tits around your shaft and sliding slowly up and down. However, she might instead lie down and squeeze her tits together so you can fuck them. The latter position is a favourite, as she can angle her mouth just right to catch your come when you orgasm, and the sight of her eagerly awaiting your jizz will make you come that little bit faster.

Are you a boob man or an ass man? Do you often try any of the ideas above, or do you tend to share out the love? You can let us know by leave a comment in the box below. Is there something you think we’ve missed when talking about tits? Let us know!

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