The 5 Worst Sex Positions For Women

September 19, 2016

The 5 Worst Sex Positions For Women

We all have those positions in the bedroom that we really hate to do. They are the worst sex positions from us, because they aren’t enjoyable and don’t give us as much pleasure as they should.

However, trying to figure out which of the worst sex positions is the one that your partner really hates is difficult. Everyone has different preferences, so what turns off one person might not turn off another. That said, there are five positions that are said to be the worst sex positions for women because of the lack of stimulation.

We take a look at the five worst sex positions for women here on the XEscorts blog, giving you suggestions as to why they are so hated and what you can do to turn some of the worst sex positions into the best for you and your partner.

1. Missionary

This position is one that many people associate with just getting sex done. It isn’t often one that you think of when you want to have an intense orgasm. If we are honest, it is a pretty boring position that we just don’t really enjoy… and yet it seems to be the one that people do the most.

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If you really want to spice up this position, but stay in it, you might want to move it away from the bedroom. Why not instead fuck on the carpet in the front room? It will add a hell of a kinky twist to sex for you both, and is going to make missionary a lot more exciting and fun.

2. Girl on top

The girl on top position is one that is great for her, as it puts her in total control. However, it is also one that makes many women out there feel very self conscious. Some believe that their partner is looking at their body and judging them, when really they are thinking “fuck this feels good!”

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So instead, why not make a simple adjustment? Sit up. If you are sitting up, you are less likely to glance at your partner’s body and make them feel like you are focused on their face instead. It will make things a lot more intimate too, as you can watch their face as they cum.

3. Reverse cowgirl

Again, this is a position that can make people feel very self conscious… but that isn’t the only reason that the reverse cowgirl position has ended up on the list of worst sex positions for women. It is also one of the least sexy positions to get into, and when you are in the position, figuring out the best angle and way to move to please your partner can be incredibly tough.

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If you want to make a change to make this position better for you and your partner, try slowly easing in to it. Why not try sitting on the bed and getting your partner to sit on your cock, facing away from you? From here you can slowly ease back, which will make getting into this position a lot sexier and less awkward for you both.

4. Doggy style

When you want to have a hot and quick fuck, you go for the doggy style position. It gives you the chance to plunge your cock hard and fast into your partner’s waiting pussy, and also allows you to stare at their ass as they push back against you. However, because it goes so quickly, we don’t always get the chance to enjoy it. Sure, a hot and fast fuck can be fun sometimes, but a lot of the time we want to really enjoy the moment.

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If you really want to make this position last a little longer for you, you should instead get your partner to kneel upright and press their body against you. The angle will force you to slow down a little, and from here you can easily reach around. Why not tease her nipples with your hands or reach down to rub her clit?

5. 69

Now this is one of the worst sex positions for many people. Personally, I hate doing 69. The position makes it really hard for you to focus on your own pleasure when you are trying to get your partner off at the same time. Another big negative for it is that there never seems to be a good position to get into during it, without feeling like you are crushing your partner’s face. Yes, for some people, smothering is a huge turn on, but for others they would rather just enjoy the oral sex they are getting.

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So instead of trying to spice up oral sex with 69, just stick to one thing at a time. Go down on your sexy lady and let her feel how good you are with your tongue before you then reverse roles. It will give her more chance to enjoy the pleasure you give her, and then you can simply lie back and relish the feeling of her lips on your dick.

The worst sex positions?

There are a number of different sex positions out there that are fantastic, but there are also plenty that have fallen onto the worst sex positions list. They simply don’t do for us all of the things that they are supposed to, which can leave us feeling very disappointed.

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However, while these five positions have proven to be some of the worst for many ladies out there, you might have some positions that you hate even more. So we want to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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