Have You Heard About ‘Winter Penis’?

October 12, 2018

Wintery scene of a man shivering in a snow storm

We can all feel winter fast approaching. Christmas isn’t too far off, and the nights are getting darker, earlier. There is also something else that is on the way, and that is ‘winter penis’. Have you heard about it?

Unexpected Issues

Well, it is a real thing. The change in weather will have a serious effect on the way your dick looks and works.

“The blood vessels in the penis shut down because of the cold temperature,” Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert for Lovehoney, told Metro.co.uk.

“Men can expect their penis to shrivel by up to 50% in length and 20% to 30% in girth when the weather gets chilly.”

Wait a minute? 50%. For the love of god!

She states that during colder times, heat and energy is directed away from the penis, to the more important bodily organs. This is our body’s own survival technique. Unfortunately, it has unfortunate consequences for your little man.

“Your body has to reduce blood flow to your appendages – your fingers, toes, and your penis. The testicles also retract and rise closer to the rest of the body so they can also stay warm”.

So, your penis looks smaller in winter. Bad, but not a disaster, right? Well, ‘winter penis’ doesn’t stop there. It seems that the cold weather actually desensitises the penis, making it incredibly hard for many of us to orgasm.

On top of that, the cold can distract men from what they are doing, once again ruining the experience and making it difficult to cum.

The Much More Pleasant ‘Summer Penis’

This makes all pretty grim reading yeah? Well, to put a smile back on your face, even though we have a winter penis, ‘summer penis is also a thing.

This is where blood will actually pump to your penis more, making it look bigger. That is great news for when you are walking around the beach in your tight pants as you will show off even more of a bulge than usual.

Sadly, until then, you are stuck with winter penis. But hey, you can still have sex can’t you? That will turn your frown upside-down surely?

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