Are Men Who See Transexuals Gay?

August 26, 2018

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On our site we have loads of transexuals. They come in all forms, male, female, and at varying stages of the transitional process. It is one of the most striking things people find when they come to the website, where in general they expect to just see natural born women on the pages.

When I began working here I was amazed at how popular they were. I always had an idea that men meeting transexuals would be found on the fringes of society but wouldn’t be that popular. Well, that was completely wrong, as it turns out they are some of the most popular companions on here.

So, are They Gay?

But this did lead me to having a serious question. Were those men who saw transexual women gay?

My mindset at the time was that men who saw transexuals were either repressed homosexuals, or guys who were starting to dabble that way, and this was a good introduction. That was of course no problem for me and I was happy for them. All I ever wanted was for people to be happy, so there was no innate prejudice at all.

I quickly found out that despite that, my mindset was bollocks, and that most men who engaged with transexual escorts don’t see themselves a gay in the slightest. To me, coming from a place of ignorance, I was shocked. In fact, research has found that the vast majority (73%) of men who have sex with male-to-female transsexuals identify as straight or bisexual.

So what are the motivations behind men who identify as straight but see transexuals? I would say, after six years in the industry that they come into two categories. Those categories are not mutually exclusive as people can be in both of course.

1) They are Women

I am not going into the whole debate about self-identification as I am well aware that there are strong views on both sides of the argument. As I haven’t brought my crash helmet, I will leave that to Twitter. However, it is clear that a large section of society believes that if you say you are a man or a woman, then irrespective of your ‘birth gender’ you are what you say you are.

Therefore when many men who believe this meet male-to female transexuals, they believe them to be women, so how can they be gay if they are seeing women? True many will not agree with that logic, but millions will.

2) They are Exotic

There are others who really don’t see men or women, and instead see something rather exotic. Many feel that transexualism represents a unique combination of masculinity and femininity in both appearance and behaviour. It is a mix that you won’t get when you go with more traditional types of escort.

The common thing between both groups is the idea that at no point are they considered men, and you can only be gay by having sex with men.

This isn’t to say this view is shared by everyone. Many guys have no wish to have sex with anyone with a penis, or who has had the aforementioned will chopped off. That is perfectly understandable, as long as there is no bigotry, it is all part of the rich tapestry of life.

I feel it is one of the best parts of my job that I get to deal with people I would never have usually met in a normal office. It really acts as a way of broadening my horizons, taking me from ignorance to relative enlightenment.

I would like to wish all the transexual escorts on our site a lovely day, and long may your success continue.

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