Are Phone-Controlled Sex Toys A Good Idea?

October 15, 2014

The range of sex toys available mean that men, women, and couples alike have a huge range of choice at the click of their fingers. Technology also means you can buy toys compatible with your phones… but is that such a good idea?

More modern

Having a sex toy that can be controlled by your phone is a great use of modern technology. For women it means no more using your hand at an awkward angle to push the right buttons, and for couples it means the control can go from you to your partner without anything more than passing the phone over.

The sex toy apps work much like a remote control, meaning you can control it from anywhere in the room. Some can even be controlled from further away by sharing a connection, making trips apart that much more exciting.
Woman in lingerie on phone

The risks

I don’t think I would trust a sex toy linked to my phone. What if someone was to discover the app on my phone and recognise it? That would be embarrassing for us both. Even more scary is the idea of using the toy and getting a phone call at the wrong moment that you accidentally answer.

For me, there are just too many risks to using a toy in that way. I prefer to go to the bedroom, put the lights on low, and really get to know my toy.

Put down the phone!

We seem to be using phones for everything. You can even buy apps that turn your phone into a “personal massager”, promising to give you an erotic massage like no other with the press of a button. It’s a great idea in theory, but would it even work?

Do we need to distance ourselves from our phones? What do you think? Tell us your thoughts here.

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