Are Swiss Sex Stalls The Future of Sex Work?

August 29, 2018

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Here at XEscorts, we are continually looking for ways to make sex work safer. When a man or woman is working on the fringes of society, it is unfortunately obvious that they could be prey to those who would hurt them.

The reasons for sex workers being attacked are numerous. They range from the media making demons out of them, to people who are just interested in committing violent offences believing that sex workers are easy targets.

A Popular Initiative

In light of this, our progressive friends in Switzerland have come up with a novel idea, and that is drive-thru sex booths for prostitutes to work in.

Swiss sex stall

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They were installed in 2013 after 52% of people in the city voted in favour of the £1,557,020 investment by Zurich city council. Since then they have become extremely popular.

Well, on Sunday, they celebrated their fifth birthday. Zurich government spokeswoman Nadeen Schuster told USA Today they have been ‘effective in preventing violence against sex workers and human trafficking’.

Sex work in Switzerland has been legal since the 1940’s, but workers previously worked on the waterfront, their visibility annoying local residents.

The wooden structures let them work in the centre of the city, away from prying eyes, but also give them a level of security that had previously eluded them. This is because the stalls are fitted with an alarm, so the prostitutes can contact the police if they need to.

The project has lowered the amount of attacks on sex workers as well as cut down on illegal trafficking of sex workers, council officials said.

Drivers, who must be on their own, enter the area along a marked route, whilst the women wait for them in booths.

Once the driver has picked the woman, and they have agreed a price, they go off to the stall and have some fun. There are even ‘plank beds’, for drivers who want to get out of the car.

No Pedestrians

The only drawback of the scheme is that pedestrians are not allowed to use the area as it is just for motorists. They instead need to go to another part of town. Maybe this is something they can work on as they seek to make the area safer?

It is government like this that I look up to. Instead of virtue signalling and forcing sex work underground, and in doing so endangering people, they have found a practical way to get it away from prying eyes, but also putting it in a secure place to help safety.

There will always be discussions between sex workers as to what scheme would theoretically be best for them, but something like this should definitely be in the conversation.

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