Are You Making These 5 Sex Mistakes?

November 20, 2015

Everyone likes different things in bed, and trying to cater for everyone’s unique tastes is a real challenge. You might feel that, no matter what you do when it comes to sex, you simply aren’t getting it right, but finding out what the right thing to do is often is very difficult, which is why we’ll just try anything in the hope of getting it oh-so right!

The problem with this is that we often don’t know what we are doing wrong. We tend to clam up about sex and don’t seem willing to actually say “you know what? This isn’t working for me”, so instead we might find ourselves doing the same things over and over again and leaving our partner disappointed. So, here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at some of the most common sex mistakes that people make in bed so that you can learn which five you need to avoid

Starting only in the bedroom

Sex isn’t just for in the bedroom, but how many times do you have sex somewhere else? If the answer is “never”, or you can’t remember the last time you have passionate sex somewhere other than a bed, it is time to change things up.

By having sex somewhere other than a bed, you are keeping them on their toes. It might sound obvious, but by going for somewhere new to have sex, they won’t know what to expect. This will make them anxious to see what you have planned for them and turn them on even more, which works out well for everyone.

Struggling for ideas? We have some great ones. Why not use your kitchen counter for something other than food? It will be the perfect height for you to sit them on and slide your cock into their wet, dripping pussy.

Another great place to try is the bathroom. You can actually have a lot of fun getting dirty in the bathroom, especially if you dive into the shower together. Once you get to grips with how slippery it is, you can find some great fun positions. Don’t forget to use the shower head on their clit to really get them off!

Skipping foreplay

We get it. Foreplay can not only be very boring for you if all you want to do is get to the main event, but it also takes a while. Women need longer to warm up for sex than men, which is why foreplay is so often skipped during sex.

Thinking of skipping foreplay? Don’t. Foreplay is great for a number of reasons. For a start, it helps to get your partner in the mood and ready for you, which will make sex much more fun for the both of you.

If that wasn’t a good enough reason, remember that too much friction and not enough lubrication on a condom can cause it to break. Yes, you can use lube, but it is so much more fun for you to have your partner dripping wet and ready for your cock, instead of using a squirt of lube to get her ready.

Rubbing the clit like you’re rubbing a magic lamp

In real life, you aren’t likely to find a magical lamp that contains a genie willing to grant you three wishes… and even if you were, the chances of that genie lying in your partner’s clit are slim to none… so whatever you do, don’t rub her clit as though you’re trying to free a genie.

Okay, so it is a crude example, but the amount of people out there who frantically rub at the clit as fast as possibly to get her off is ridiculous. More often than not, slow and steady wins that race.

So, instead of going back and forth at fifty miles an hour, slow things down. Take your time teasing her clit and rubbing small circles around it. This will get her off a lot quicker, as you won’t be rubbing her raw!

Thinking you are a mind reader

Okay, so when we jump into bed we don’t automatically go “I am the greatest sex god or goddess in the world”, and we definitely don’t think “I am reading your mind”, but a lot of the time we will convince ourselves that we know exactly what our partner wants in bed.

The blame for this one doesn’t lie completely at your feet… in fact, a lot of the time it is because of people faking it in bed to make you happy, rather than simply telling you what we want. For whatever reason, we find it difficult to say “I loved it when you did that with your tongue, but try this with your hands in the future”.

So, if your partner won’t talk to you, you need to talk to them. After sex is the best time. Simply say to them “how was it?” and ask for details of what they liked best, or ask what they want to try in the future. After orgasm is the ideal time, as we are much more open to ideas.

Not having enough!

We want to have sex all of the time, and sometimes it just isn’t possible. That said, we still aren’t having enough sex!

Sex doesn’t just make us feel good. Science has proven that sex is good for you. It actually significantly lowers blood pressure, as well as help your sleep cycle, burn calories, fight depression, and generally make you live longer. So, tell me again why you’re reading this article and not booking a date with one of the local escorts?

What do you think the biggest mistakes people make in bed? Have you found that a lot of women get very teethy during a blowjob (ouch!) or do they treat your cock like wood they are trying to set on fire with pure friction?

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