Has Your Attitude To Sex Changed?

September 11, 2014

Talking to a friend recently over a few glasses of wine and she started saying how she used to love sex, but now hates even the idea of it. I personally love it and don’t think my attitude to sex has changed that much… but maybe I’m wrong. Has your attitude to sex changed?

Young at heart

When I was (a lot!) younger, I was always very nervous about sex. I didn’t understand how my body worked properly, and the idea of being naked and letting someone else see me like that terrified me. Even though I’d heard lots of horror stories, my first time was actually a really positive experience. Over time, I’ve come to love sex more and more. Could it be that my friend is allowing her bad sex moments to define the rest of her sex life?

Changing body

I am at that age where my desire for sex is supposed to go down, and when I think about it I guess it has. However, it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying it. I find it more pleasurable now because the focus is on making each other happy and not making babies. Do some people need a reason for sex other than pleasure?

Sex isn’t a dirty word

Trying to ask my friend these questions led to her going very red in the face and getting embarrassed. Sex isn’t a dirty word. Sex is a perfectly nature and fantastic thing. Being able to talk about it is the first step to actually enjoying it.

What do you think? Has your attitude to sex changed? If the answer is yes, has it changed for the better?

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