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Young couple sad in bed
January 30, 2017

Maybe that face in your head is still beating you. She was wide-eyed looking at you and said: really? Have you already cum? Yes, a lot of men had felt that, too. Even though everybody knows ladies go first, most men find it difficult to last long in bed. The average duration is between 5 – 10 minutes, but according to many studies, men and women, hope to have sex for almost half an hour.

A sexy woman showing off her ass
January 19, 2017

When we talk about sex practices, anal sex may be the last step for many women. Some reasons explain why some refuse to have it, they include having a bad experience in the past, or they simply consider it taboo. It’s very strange to have a conversation about anal sex with your friends, at least, not in the same way you talk about how many times you have cum last night.