How To Last Longer In Bed!

January 30, 2017

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Maybe that face in your head is still beating you. She was wide-eyed looking at you and said: really? Have you already cum? Yes, a lot of men had felt that, too. Even though everybody knows ladies go first, most men find it difficult to last long in bed. The average duration is between 5 – 10 minutes, but according to many studies, men and women, hope to have sex for almost half an hour.

Now we know this, you may ask yourself if the foreplay time should be considered. Well, if we check the preliminaries, and we are optimistic, the sex session will extend until twenty minutes. This still far from thirty minutes that everyone of us expects, and unfortunately for many people, foreplay is undervalued. So, men have to dip into some techniques that allow them to last long in bed. Let’s go over the most popular methods.

Jerking off is more helpful than your lady thinks

There are a lot of jokes about how often a man jerks off, in fact, not a lot of people knows that it has more benefits than you believe. Here comes another excuse to look for your little moment of intimacy more frequently. When you jerk off, you could learn about your body reactions: how much intensity do you need for coming? In which moment do you have to slow down to not cum? These kind of things will be very helpful when you are in a bed with a lady, so next time, find the right moment for a handjob and pay attention to your sensations.

At the toilet, let’s do some exercises

You may hear about Kegel exercises. They are very popular among women who want to restore the pelvic floor after a pregnancy, but also for those who practice a lot of impact sports. However, these exercises are not only for women. A study made by the Sapienza University, in 2014, said that those men who train the pelvic floor last four times longer than those who don’t in a sex session. That is enough information to give it a chance.

Kegel exercises are very easy for men. While you are peeing, you only have to stop the urine in the middle of the stream. In this way, you are going to build strong muscles around the pelvic floor and it would give you more power to control yourself at the climax.

The world is bigger than missionary and doggystyle

The previous advice is for the moments where you are not in a bed with a hot lady, but there are some methods to use during the sex plays. The first is about changing the positions, this could help you to rest and feel less intensity in the penis. Also, you will have the chance to stimulate the female’s erogenous zones, and sex will be more enjoyable. I’m not telling you to have the Kamasutra book beside your bed, but you know there is a lot to explore after missionary and doggy style.

There is no path to happiness because happiness is the path

It’s not a good moment for philosophy, but I’m going to tell you something that you have already heard hundreds of times: don’t think about cumming. Enjoy every moment in bed with the horny woman. Look for your pleasure, but also for hers by kissing, caressing and licking her whole body. You only need to practice, and if you don’t have anyone for trying, why you don’t have a look for the ladies of our website? Surely, there is someone who would like to share a hot time with you.

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