Seven First Time Anal Sex Tips!

January 19, 2017

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When we talk about sex practices, anal sex may be the last step for many women. Some reasons explain why some refuse to have it, they include having a bad experience in the past, or they simply consider it taboo. It’s very strange to have a conversation about anal sex with your friends, at least, not in the same way you talk about how many times you have cum last night.

But sex becomes better the more experiences you gather and you won’t know if anal play is for you until you find out. The following tips are for beginners, for those who haven’t dared to open the back door for pleasure yet.

1. If you are not relaxed, it won’t work

Don’t ask me why, but when something is close to your anus, the reflex is to tighten and it closes. So basically you need to be relaxed and be patient. It’s not a time to be rough and the foreplay is vital to have a good anal sex experience.

2. Use all the lube you need and you will need a lot of it

Remember that the anus does not lubricate by itself like vaginas. If you don’t want to suffer a painful sex experience, you mustn’t skip it. Be sure that beside you there is a silicone based lubricant. This is not the same as the lube you use for vagina because the silicon is more difficult to clean out.

3. Warm up with a finger or a toy

Fingers are the best thing to start with anal sex. In fact, many women get horny with this practice while they are being penetrated. And this is because we all have a lot of nerves in the anus and asking for someone to caress the zone could give you clues about how anal sex feels. Toys are also a great option too, but it’s better to use a specific one for this practice because, unlike vaginas, the anus does not have an end. This means that you could lose it inside the anus and, if this happens, you would have to go to the hospital directly.

4. Good hygiene will keep the doctor away

At this point it seems that you should take care of a lot of things when anal sex comes up. And it’s true, there is nothing serious to worry about, but prevention is better than cure. So, if you have used some fingers or toys for stimulating the anus, they mustn’t come in the vagina unless you wash and dry them before. Remember this advice for the penis too. The reason is simple: avoid really bad infections.

5. Condoms are always a good idea

Despite the risk of getting pregnant disappearing in anal sex, condoms must be in this bunch of tips because there are other risk factors like STDs. This is because anal tissues are more prone to bleeding. And this is a good moment to tell you that anal sex shouldn’t be painful, make sure you go in slowly and everything will go smoothly.

6. Try different positions

If you start the anal play with the fingers, you can do it while you are lying down and your partner is seated over you. This will let you kiss her and she could rub her clit with your torso. Also there are more positions like missionary upside down (you on top) that requires a pillow under the bottom of your partner, it will enable you to open the back door better. Or the most common position for anal sex: doggie style because it lets introduce the penis easily.

7. The expected moment

Once you have reached the climax and you are in the middle of anal play, you have to know something important: maybe your partner is feeling a lot of pleasure, but she will find it difficult (maybe impossible) to cum with just anal sex. Women don’t have the necessary nerve endings in the anus to reach the orgasm. So, make sure to have a happy ending with toys that rub her clit or even oral sex.

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