Belgian Football Fan Becomes A Model After Being Filmed At World Cup Game!

July 11, 2014

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In the days of social media, you can got from nobody, to a worldwide sensation inside 24 hours. There has been no better reflection of this than 17 the sensational rise of Belgian hottie Axelle Despiegelaere from football fan, to L’Oreal model in the space of a couple of weeks.

A (rather pretty) Face In The Crowd

As is the style of most world cup cameraman, Axelle was earmarked as a one of the attractive girls they needed to focus on in the crowd. Her big break came during one of her home country of Belguim’s games. She became an instant hit, and unsurprisingly, her image went viral.

Well, on the back of that Facebook and Twitter fame, she landed a modelling contract with L’Oreal and has already filmed a promo for them. She will now star in an online series of beauty tutorials, and one suspects she is going to become an worldwide sensation.

A Wonderful Selection

I have to admit, I love that sexy blonde look. Thankfully there are numerous Stockholm escorts who are just as attractive as Axelle, and would surely have landed a modelling contract themselves if they had been lucky enough to be picked out at a sporting event. Luckily enough for all of us Stockholm punters, they are still available for us to take on a date!

Everyone here at XEscorts wishes Axelle Despiegelaere the best of luck in her future career. Young, blonde and a football fan. What is not to like about her?

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