The Best Things About Our Favourite Sex Positions!

January 2, 2017

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Everyone has their favourite sex positions. It might be that the position simply feels amazing. Sometimes, it is because we get the chance to experience something in this position that we might not in any other.

We have our favourite positions for a reason… but what is it that draws us to them? Here on the XEscorts blog we look at the best things about our favourite sex positions and just what turns us on the most about them.

Missionary: up close and personal

For many people this position can be pretty dull. However it is also one of the favourite sex positions out there… and with good reason.

Not only does this position put the man in control, but it is also great for getting closer. You can hold your partner tight against your body, feeling them moving against you.

You can also allow your hands to wander. You get the chance to slowly rub and tease their clit as you fuck them, which can bring them closer to orgasm. You could even slip a hand under their ass and squeeze as you slowly thrust your cock into their tight pussy.

Another excellent thing about the missionary position? Your lips will be close together. If you find it difficult to share some deep French kisses while thrusting, you could simply move your lips to her neck. Gently suck and kiss her neck to make this position feel even more intimate and fun for you both.

A couple getting very intimate with the missionary position

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Cowgirl: taking charge

Keen to simply lie back and enjoy the show? We can’t say that we blame you. Sometimes you want to see nothing better than your partner on top of you, bouncing away as they get closer and closer to cumming. It is incredibly sexy to watch and gives you the chance to focus on other things.

That is why the cowgirl is one of our favourite sex positions. You can use your hands to grab their hips. It is even hotter if you thrust up to meet them as they come down with each bounce. It allows your cock to slide even deeper into their cunt and make them scream your name in pleasure.

Want to play with your partner? It is easy to in this position. You can rub at her clit or squeeze her tits as she fucks you. Not sure it is for you? You could always simply lie back and enjoy the show. Just don’t be surprised if your partner decides that they are going to slowly grind on your cock to tease you.

Game of Thrones Khaleesi enjoying the cowgirl position

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Doggy style: for the ass man

If you are hoping to enjoy a hard fuck with your partner, doggy style might be the perfect position for it. Keen to enjoy a quickie? This position will feel fantastic for you both. Best of all, your partner can easily play with herself while you fuck her. This means that she has more control over when she gets off.

Another reason that this position is a firm favourite is because we love ass. You get to stare at your partner’s sexy ass as you fuck her, watching as it bounces with each and every thrust. It might be even sexier if you decide to use this position for anal, as you can grab hold of it as you slide slowly inside of her.

Want to get a little kinkier in the bedroom? This position is ideal for spanking. You don’t have to go hard and you don’t have to slap their ass often. A simple tap with your hand as you give one hard thrust will let them know exactly what you are thinking and will be a huge turn on.

If you have a mirror nearby, this is one of those moments when you will really appreciate the view. Angle it so you can see yourself and your partner and you’ll find that the show is almost as good as the act itself.

Doggy style sex is great if you love ass

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69: give and receive

The 69 position is one that people either love or hate. For some they really can’t stand it. While they enjoy the pleasure they receive, they find it difficult to concentrate on pleasing their partner. However those who love it find that the challenge makes it even more exciting.

The fact that you are trying to give pleasure while you are receiving it is a huge turn on. You want to try and make your partner lose their concentration while trying hard to maintain yours. There is nothing quite as satisfying as hearing and feeling your partner moan when you do something right.

Another big bonus to this? You will find that you jump to sex a lot sooner. You are mixing foreplay with oral, and the teasing nature of 69 means that you will be ready to jump each other even quicker.

A couple enjoying 69ing each other

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Your favourite sex positions

These are just a few of our favourite sex positions, and why we love them. There might be plenty of other reasons that these positions sit firmly at the top of our lists. There might even be some other positions you think we have missed that deserve to be here.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. Which position is your favourite? What is your favourite thing about the top position for you? Are you someone who loves the intimacy of missionary, or do you prefer the kinkiness of doggy style?

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