Better Sex: 3 Things To Try

October 16, 2014

Letting your sex life fall into a routine is something that is easy enough to do, but can be difficult to fix. Thankfully here on XEscorts we’ve got three things for you to try to help make your sex life better.

Talk about fantasies… and try them

It’s all well and good talking about your fantasies with your partner, but that doesn’t make it happen. Find out how your partner feels about fulfilling certain fantasies and see if you can help with that. At best it will be something you both enjoy doing. At worst, it is something you know isn’t for you and you can talk about it later on.

When talking about fantasies make sure you are both relaxed. One of the best times to do this is actually just after sex, when you are lying down and cuddling in bed. Both of you will be much more open to discussing your interests, allowing you to have a frank conversation about it.

Play games

Try playing some games in the bedroom, whether it is using some pleasure dice to decide what you will do or even playing a strip version of a game to spice things up a bit. It can be great fun and as it is a game you will be more relaxed and less worried about what will happen next. Concentrate entirely on the moment and leave your worries behind.

Pleasure dice can be a good way to start out. Take it in turns to give them a roll and follow the instructions. If they say “lick neck” then do that as slowly and sensually as you can. Soon the tension will be too much, leading you to have great passionate sex.

New positions

We tend to find ourselves going to the default positions after a while, rarely switching it up or being brave enough to try something new. Sometimes you might find a position that works well for both of you and just stick with it, but that can make sex very boring.

You don’t need to be extremely flexible to do a different sex position, and you certainly don’t need the karma sutra to help! Simply changing the position of a leg can make all of the difference, so spend an afternoon rolling under the sheets with your partner and experimenting. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work for you and you can move on to other, better, things.

What do you do to keep your sex life great and exciting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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