What Are Our Biggest Turn Ons During Sex?

August 3, 2017

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Not everyone likes the same kind of sex. Some prefer vanilla while others are happy to dive into the world of BDSM. However, there are a few similar turn ons what many of us share in the bedroom.

These turn ons might not work for everyone, but they are things that a lot of us enjoy. So if you are hoping to really get your partner going in the bedroom, try these tricks and see what happens!

Hands in hair

Some things feel really good, like hands in your hair. It feels really intense when you are kissing as it brings the two of you closer together, but you’ll find that it is also a great thing to do during sex to heat things up.

It can help you to keep eye contact with each other, while will make it more intimate. It can also be great if you are going down on your partner and they put their hands in your hair. When you feel their grip on your hair tightening you know they are close, and this will be a huge turn on for you.

Running hands through hair can be a great intimate touch during sex

Original source: All Women’s Talk

Dirty talk

Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything physically to get your partner dripping wet. Sometimes you just need to say something. Dirty talk is a lot of fun. It gives you the chance to tell your partner exactly what you want and can turn them on!

Best of all you don’t have to be in the same room or even city as them! Phone sex gives you the chance to explore their turn ons from a different place. They can tell you their deepest desire for you to then make happen the next time you meet. Not sure what to say? We’ve got you covered.

A sexy whisper at the right time can make all the difference

Original source: All Women’s Talk

Making noise

If there is one thing that really ruins sex for me, it is a silent bedroom. No, I don’t expect you to scream the house down, but a little moaning can go a long way. It lets your partner know that you like what they are doing and encourages you to keep at it.

Think about it. How would you feel if your partner made no noise at all? It would ruin the moment. So next time you jump into bed with someone, let out little moans or heavy sighs when things are working for you. Not only does it tell your partner you like it, but it’ll also turn them on to hear you enjoying yourself!

Making noise during sex is a great way to tell your partner if you are enjoying it

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Sex is hot. Sex is fantastic. However, it shouldn’t just be you sticking your cock inside them, thrusting until you finish, and then it’s over. Touch is an important part of sex and it is something we often neglect.

Stroking your partner’s body slowly during sex can have a huge impact, especially if you touch them all over. It shows that you are paying attention to their body and can’t keep your hands off of them, even as you fuck! It can really ramp up the intimacy.

Don't be afraid to touch your partner more during sex

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Slowing down

I’ll happily admit that sometimes I like rough sex. A hard quickie is a lot of fun, but sometimes it is just as exciting to slow things down and really tease your partner. If you do it right you could have them begging for your cock!

Slow and hard thrusts are great. If you are enjoying the girlfriend experience, this type of move can actually make things even more intimate. If you really want to play to your partner’s turn ons, try asking them what they want as you thrust slowly. You asking them, combined with the action, might just have them giving in and begging for more.

Slow sex can be just as thrilling and intimate sometimes

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Your biggest turn ons

While these turn ons will work for a lot of people, they won’t work for everyone. The key is to experiment in the bedroom and to ask your partner what it is that turns them on. That way, you are showing that you care about what they like.

It can also help to look at the things that turn you on. These things might get your partner feeling horny as well, so try different things in the bedroom and see what happens!

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