Brazilian Prostitutes Learn English For The World Cup!

June 5, 2014

I for one am really looking forward to the World Cup. I adore football, and for me, the tournament really is the best thing on earth. The greatest players on the planet get together in what truly is a festival of the beautiful game.

Because of this, men from all over England will be traveling to Brazil for the games. And guess what? Those Brazilian sex workers are banking on the fact that they will be looking for some action whilst they are over there.

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An Very Good Idea

This is why a number of prostitutes are learning English just in time for the expected boom in business.

In a classroom in Belo Horizonte, Igor Fuchs (that name must be made up) teaches prostitutes basic words, like days of the week, as well some more naughty phrases.

As English is spoken by men and women across the globe, it won’t just be the UK football fans that they are seeking to get work off. There will be punters from all of the 32 teams that are turning up hoping to win the cup.

People who visit prostitutes over there won’t need to worry about ending up in court either, as it is all completely legal.

To be fair, it seems a really good idea. It won’t just help them get more business; it will surely help their safety, as well as setting boundaries for how they want the appointment to go.

Communication Is The Key

Those of us who visit Birmingham escorts know that communication is all important if we want the appointment to go well. If it wasn’t for these courses, then that would become a major stumbling block. You can just imagine some rather confused English guy pointing at his groin and making some unintelligible noises!

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Learning English will also be good for helping them organise the transaction, and also reject clients they don’t want to see.

We see it when foreign escorts come to work in England. There are plenty of Birmingham escorts from far off lands, and the first thing many of them do is learn English. It is the same principle as Brazilians learning English in their home country, and is equally wise.

On a separate note, are they trying to say that English people are too lazy to learn Portuguese? If so, they are probably right!

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