Brothel Plans To Buy New Sex Doll After Success of The First One

August 24, 2017

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Here at XEscorts, we have some of the best escorts in the country on our pages. They come in all shapes and seizes, all colours, all ages. There really is someone for everyone. However, it seems these girls may start having a rival, with sex dolls becoming increasingly popular. So popular in fact, that a brothel in Austria is considering getting in a new love doll after the first one was such a success.

Peter Laskaris, who owns two brothels in Vienna, said that although life-like dolls from Japan ‘cost up to €7,000’ (£6,382) they are actually outperforming the female sex workers and other brothels need to invest in the fetish.

Kontakthof, which rents out sex doll Fanny for €80 (£72.9) per hour, says it is often completely booked for several days in a row.

The reputation of ‘Fanny; has only been helped by an erotic blogger called ‘Andreas’ who gave her a glowing endorsement.

Andreas declared: “The atmosphere is not sordid, everything is clean. You only meet one person at the reception. She takes you to a room with your doll. Everything is totally intimate.”

Fanny, who is just over 5ft tall weighs 6st, has long blonde hairs and large breasts.

Andreas wrote: “Fanny has an Asian touch. On pictures, at first sight she looks like a real woman but her body is filled with a kind of silicone. Firm and soft at the same time.”

Andreas stated that after ten minutes he ‘started to take pleasure in Fanny’ and was shocked to find himself ‘developing a tendency for fetish dolls.’

Why Are Sex Dolls Becoming So Popular

But why are sex dolls becoming so popular? Well there are a number of factors. Firstly, the quality of sex dolls has improved. What once were seen as the domain of seedy guys who still lived with their parents and never had a girlfriend, are now becoming more realistic. It is therefore only natural that men are curious and fancy giving it a go.

There is also the idea that a doll can never say no to any requests, like anal. The man can fulfil his fantasy without getting rejected or feeling they are putting unnecessary pressure on the girl.

Finally, the man knows that the doll wants to be there. Even if a woman is a sex worker out of choice, there are likely to be occasions where she will have sex with someone who in the normal course of things, she wouldn’t. Many men will feel that the doll isn’t judging them at all, helping them relax.

Will Sex Dolls Take Over?

So are sex dolls in brothels the future, or are they instead a fad that will pass? Well obviously I don’t know 100%. I can certainly envisage sex dolls becoming more and more used, in much the same way as women and vibrators are inextricably linked.

However, I do have a problem with the idea that they will take over’ from real women as the object of men’s affections. In the end, can you beat a real woman having real reactions to sexual contact? That I something that, as we stand, sex dolls can’t do.

However, in the future, as dolls/robots become more lifelike, that may well change. I am sure many of us have seen TV show ‘Westworld’ and those kind of robots who think they are human. Now THEY could be the future, if and when technology allows it.

It is fair to say that the future is exciting when it comes to sex dolls. I would certainly have a go on one if they are as good as is being touted.

Would you?

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