Butt Plugs: A Guide

March 10, 2014

As one of the most popular anal toys on the market, the butt plug is designed to intensify your sex play and provide the ultimate back door gratification. With a wide variety available on the market, choosing the right butt plug can be a little overwhelming. The following guide covers some points that are worth taking into consideration when browsing for the right toy, and an easy to use guide for those who are new to anal toys. If you’re still unsure, the fun and friendly escorts in London are happy to share their experiences over a drink or two.

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Things To Think About:

For those who are starting out, it’s always best to start with smaller sizes and work your way up as you become more comfortable. The key to a good quality butt plug is that they are smooth and don’t have any sharp surfaces that could scratch the delicate lining of the anal canal, so check your toy thoroughly beforehand. Most toys are made of softer materials such as rubber, silicone and vinyl which are soft yet firm enough to be easily insert. Avoid toys that are made from glass; there’s a high risk of them breaking and an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

When buying any sort of sex toy it’s best to avoid cheaper toys as they can be made of low grade materials that can break easily or have been known to burn the lining of the anal canal. When choosing an anal toy it’s also important to get toys with a nice big base to avoid it falling inside your body. If this does happen; do not panic (which I realise is easier said than done). Simply sit on the toilet and push gently; the toy should then move downwards to a point where it can be pulled out. If this doesn’t work, then a trip to A&E will be needed.

The anus was not designed specifically for sexual play, and this may come as a surprise, but it wasn’t designed to have toys placed there either. So if your or your partner can’t take much to begin with, remember that this is completely normal. Some people can only tolerate a few minutes when starting and there are others who say they are able to comfortably wear a toy for over an hour. Whichever category you fall into, remember it’s all about the fun and enjoyment. Take your time and only go as far as you and your partner are comfortable with.

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Hygiene is Key:

When it comes to any sex toy; it is imperative to clean them before and after use. Cleaning a butt plug is straightforward – wash off any faecal matter that may be on the toy with hot soapy water. Then thoroughly wash your hands. It’s best to avoid using scrubbing tools such as brushes as this can scratch the surfaces of the toy leading to scraping of the anus. After washing, allow the toy to dry and then pack away for later use. If you and your partner are sharing toys, unless you are 100% certain you are both monogamous and disease free, I suggest using a condom. STD’s are more commonly spread through anal sex than vaginal penetration, but can be easily prevented through following the above.

How to Insert a Butt Plug:

The experience of using a butt plug differs from person to person, and while some people will find it simple to insert, some will struggle. Some people are much more flexible and relaxed than others. In the beginning, it is quite common for muscle contractions to cause the butt plug to slip out of the anus. This should stop over time, however if it doesn’t, it may be worth investing in a larger butt plug.

With all anal toys, the first step it using lube; and plenty of it! Cover the toy in a generous amount of lube and then apply a small amount on your fingertip and insert inside your anus. This will allow the butt plug to slide in with ease and comfort. There are specifically designed anal lubes available, which are generally a little thicker than our average water based lube. However, any lube will do.

Whether you’re on your own or using a toy on your partner, there are a few positions that will make the insertion a little easier. We recommend getting on all fours or squatting over the butt plug (either on your knees or feet) to begin with. When inserting, hold the butt plug by the base and the shaft. Point it towards the opening, angled upwards towards your stomach. Gently and slowly push in the tip and leave it there whilst you become accustomed to the sensation. Some discomfort is normal, but if you feel any pain stop immediately.


If you’re enjoying the sensation and feel ready to try some more, gradually push the butt plug in a little more until you can fit the whole toy in. This is likely to take a few tries, so don’t force yourself to go any further than is comfortable. Instead, try again the following day, and the day after, until you are able to take the whole thing. Then once it’s in, you can leave it there and turn your attention to vaginal penetration, oral or foreplay – or you slide it in and out at various speeds and experiment with your new favourite toy. Who knows what you’ll discover!!

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