Can Better Sex Really Help The Economy?

November 14, 2018

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When times are tough, people will start talking about the economy and what we can do to better it. As individuals, we can all take small steps to try and improve it. But did you know that one of those small steps could involve bettering your sex life?

Me neither, but now we know! A study from a well known sex toy company has suggested that there is actually a relationship between sexual happiness and the economy. In fact, they believe that we can fuck our way back to economic stability. How? I take a look.

Lelo takes a look

The sex toy company Lelo decided that they wanted to investigate our sexual happiness and its relationship with our work output. They were eager to see if having amazing sex would somehow make us better workers, eager to put more effort in and bring about a better, more stable economical climate.

They conducted their own original research and consulted other research in the area. The results show that there might actually be a relationship there! While 78% of those involved said that orgasms made them happier, 66% claimed to feel more productive after an orgasm. Personally, I need a little time to recover, but to each their own.

What is perhaps most intriguing is that Lelo’s research suggested the effects of orgasms last a long time. 40% of those involved believed that their happiness and productive were boosted for up to five days afterwards. That’s a huge amount of time!

Orgasms make us very happy!

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Research from other sources

We could be forgiven for thinking that Lelo might be biased in their findings. After all, they are a sex toy company. A study coming out in support of orgasms is going to encourage people to buy. However, they were clearly anticipating this, as their study consulted findings from other sources.

According to statistics from the University of Warwick, there is definitely a connection. Being happy makes us more productive. Their study said that productivity goes up roughly 10 to 20% when workers are happy.

Since we know that orgasms make us happy and can be an effective mood booster, we can then theorise that having better orgasms would make us more productive. At least, that is going to be my excuse for upping my masturbation sessions.

It seems that being as happy as Will Smith can actually improve our productivity

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How does it tie to the economy?

Orgasms make us happier. Being happy makes us more productive. You might be sitting there going “what does that have to do with the economy, Lara?”. Well, it seems that Lelo believe the link between orgasms and our happiness might make things better for Britain.

They believe that “a 10% rise in output from each UK worker would mean the nation potentially making £129.13 more per week, per person“. With 32.4 million working within the UK, this makes for some impressive figures… and that’s just with a 10% productivity rise. Imagine how much more it could be with 20%!

You don’t have to. Lelo estimate that it could add £90.445 billion to the economy each quarter. Whether maths is your strong suit or not, you’ll know that it is one hell of an impressive figure!

Ever felt like Bruce while working? Orgasms might be the reason why

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Any excuse for amazing sex

Sex can feel amazing when you get it right, but have you ever felt more productive afterwards? I usually need a little time to recover, but I know that I can get a lot of work done when I’ve had an orgasm. Whether it is writing blogs here on XEscorts or doing housework, orgasms make me work harder. Surely I’m not the only one?

Clearly not, as both Lelo and the University of Warwick believe that being happy makes us more productive. Orgasms make us happy. Since productivity goes up when we are happy, the economy could be drastically improved with better sex.

Do we imagine that people are going to fuck the economy back into shape? Probably not, but it is the perfect excuse to jump into bed. Do you feel more productive after an orgasm?

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